Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


26. The Truth

Percy's POV

I was have been fighting Luke but I could hear Annabeth trying to talk to Anabell!

Annabeth-Anabell stop this isn't you!

Anabell-What would you know about me?

Annabeth-I know you lost your mother and you were adopted and you weren't happy about anything! You didn't like were you were and felt lik you want to escape


At that moment Luke's army stopped fighting and so did Luke Anabell put the tip of her sword at Annabeth's neck! The Ares campers wanted to keep fighting but I called them off Luke was speaking in Ancient Geek but I knew what he was saying

Luke-Anabell what do you think your doing?!

What surprised me Anabell answered in Ancient Greek

Anabell-Something that doesn't include you!

She looked at Annabeth and went back to speaking English

Anabell-How do you know about my childhood?

Annabeth-Because you were at this camp!

Anabell-I may not remember what happened the past 2 years but I remember my childhood! And my mom! My mom didn't want me she dumped me at the nearest house she saw! She didn't even stay to see if they were a good family to raise me! She stuck a note in my blanket and left me on a doorstep! Then she got in her car and drove off! She didn't want me because she knew what I was!

She gestured Luke and their army and they grabbed us and put knifes to our neck except Annabeth then Anabell moved her sword and attacked Annabeth I wanted to help but Luke pulled the knife closer to my neck! Anabell cut Annabeth's arm and kicked her to the ground! In Ancient Greek Anabell said "Let's get out of here!" they pushed us to the ground and ran into the forest I quickly got up and ran to Annabeth I turned her around to face me she was clutching her arm in pain the Apollo campers saw and ran to help they cleaned the wound and gave her some nectar and bandaged her arm and helped her up

Me-You okay?

Annabeth-Yeah I'm fine lets go with Chiron

We walked inside the Big House where all the camp leaders had gathered

Clarisse-Why would she turn in us?!

Chiron-Anabell was given real and fake memories

Silena-Like when she said her mom didn't want her it was a fake memory?

Chiron was silent for a few moments and nobody said anything

Chiron-That was not a fake memory

Me-But didn't her parents say her mom died?

Chiron-It was a cover up to spear her feelings!

Clarisse-How do you know that?

Chiron-You kids aren't the only ones that get out of this camp!

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