Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


18. She's Back

With my writing I feel like nobody is on there iPod or computer waiting for me to update because sometimes I feel like nobody wants to read my stories! ~Daughter_of_Poseidon

Percy's POV

It was an hour after we returned to camp we were at the Big House with Annabeth and Chiron, and Anabell still hasn't come back

Me-Chiron what if something happened to her?

Chiron-If she doesn't show up by tomorrow we will send search parties to find her!

We heard a horse neigh from outside and then land we ran outside and I saw Anabell hope off a pegasus she saw me and ran and gave me a hug

Anabell-I'm sorry Percy I just needed to blow off some steam

Me-It's okay I'm just glad your back

Before we went to the cabin Annabeth told me to meet her tomorrow at 1 for training when we got to the cabin Anabell sat down and started reading a book

Me-What happened?

Anabell-What do you mean?

Me-What made you come back?

Anabell-I saw dad again


Anabell-I went to this peer over looking the ocean and then he showed up and told me he got a message from you talking about me getting angry I told him that I didn't mean to shout my past was just to painful to think about he told me about my mother then he said you were getting worried so I came back!

She had no expression on her face and I just realized she never really has an expression on her face

Me-You know your really good at hiding your expressions

Anabell-Well I've had tons of practice I always hide how I feel so nobody can feel sorry for me!

She was silent for a while I was about to say something when she cut me off

Anabell-I think I'm going to go to bed I'm a little tired

Me-Oh well good night


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