Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


27. Memory's Back

Anabell's POV

I was at our base honestly I don't remember what happened the last 2 years when I ask Luke he refuses to talk about it I don't know what to do or who to ask! I decided to take a walk in the woods near the base when I ran into a nymph who looked kind of familiar but I couldn't take any chances! I grabbed my sword and put it next to her neck



Nymph-I was your friend once before you lost your memories!

Me-Sure you did!

Nymph-I did! I'm your protectors girlfriend Juniper!

Me-Am I just supposed to believe you?

Juniper-Maybe the last 2 years of your memories will help

She threw some dust me I see memories in my head of me, Percy, Tyson, Annabeth, and Grover hanging out at Camp Half-Blood laughing and all my memories came back and I fell to the floor


Juniper-Are you okay?

Me-Yeah I'm fine I remember everything now and I'm sorry for everything I did!

Juniper-It's okay lets get to camp!

Me-Wait I have to do something!

I ran back to base and left a note on my bed saying "I know everything! I will never help you again!" I ran back to where Juniper was but I felt a little light headed but I didn't say anything we walked back to camp and everyone looked at me I smiled

Me-Don't worry I'm me again I remember everything!

Everyone cheered but the next thing I remember is seeing pitch black

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