Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


24. Can't Remember

Anabell's POV

I was practicing with Percy but my powers weren't working

Percy-Is something wrong? It's like your not focused

Me-Just something about home

Percy-What is it?

I guess I should tell him

Me-I grew up catholic but my dads a Greek god I don't know what to think or believe anymore!

I sat down and put my feet in the water and then Percy did the same

Percy-I know it's complicated but you'll get used to it! When your using your powers focus on the water nothing else

Me-Thanks Perce

Percy-The first time I used my powers I was fighting a hydra-

Me-For real?

Percy-Yeah inside the Parthenon in Nashville!

Me-I've always wanted to see the Parthenon only once I've been to Nashville but we didn't go see it!

Percy-And Grover used Medusa's head to turn a hydra to stone!

Me-I would have loved to see the look on those people's faces when they walk in and see a giant real statue of a hydra!

Percy-Yeah me to let's get practicing!

Percy's POV

We continued practicing when we were done practicing I turned around and Anabell was gone

Me-Okay she has got to stop doing that!


I jumped at the voice then I realized it was Annabeth

Me-Anabell she always just disappears!

Annabeth-Like the first day she got here!

Me-Yeah but this time let's give her some space


Me-Would you care to join me on a walk on the beach?

Annabeth-I would love to!

I grabbed her hand and we started to walk

Anabell's POV

I walked to the stables and went to see Blackjack

Me-Hey Blackjack

Blackjack-Hey kid

Me-Want to go on a ride?

Blackjack-Sure where do you want to fly?

Me-Can we just ride like a regular horse? Through the woods?

Blackjack-Okay lets go!

I hopped on his back and we rode into the woods

Blackjack-So why the ride?

Me-I just need to clear my head

Blackjack-Why? What's going on?

Me-It's like my past is coming back to haunt me! Why don't we try and jump over that log?


We were close to the log but I got scared


Blackjack quickly stopped but I feel off and hit my head and then I blacked out

Percy's POV

Me and Annabeth were walking to the big house to meet with Chiron he was standing outside he was about to say something but I heard Blackjack

Blackjack-PERCY!!! HELP!!!

Blackjack quickly landed and almost crashed

Me-Blackjack what is it?

Blackjack-It's Anabell we went for a ride in the woods she fell and hit her head I tried to wake her up she wont!


Chiron-Percy what is it? What's happened?

Me-Anabell went riding with Blackjack she fell off and hit her head now she wont wake up I'll go with Blackjack and get her Annabeth can you get some Apollo campers over here?


She toke off near the cabins I hopped on Blackjack and he flew deep into the woods then he landed next to a fallen tree Anabell was laying there unconscious and nymphs were trying to wake her up but nothing worked I hopped of Blackjack and to Anabell

Me-It's okay I got her

The nymphs backed up and I helped her on Blackjack and we rode back to the Big House Apollo were there asking why they were there then they saw me and Anabell and they ran to us I hopped off and helped them get Anabell off gently

Apollo Camper-She hit her head pretty bad lets get her some ambrosia

They put a tiny square in her mouth and she started to wake up and everyone sighed in relief

Me-I'm glad your okay

Anabell-Thanks but who are you? Who am I? Where am I?

Me-Anabell what is the last thing you remember?

Anabell-Nothing I don't remember who anyone is

She looked at Grover and Chiron and she jumped back

Anabell-What the heck! Your a- and you your a- I mean- WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?

Me-You really don't remember what you are?

Anabell-What does that mean what am I half fish?

Travis-Well technically

Annabeth-Travis she doesn't remember we just need to help her get her memory back

Anabell-Can someone please tell me where I am?

Chiron-Your at a camp for people just like you!

Anabell-There it is again people like me what does that mean?

Grover-Your not like a regular mortal you are different your half god half mortal


Me-Greek God to be exact I'm Percy your half brother

Anabell-Okay so who is my godly parent?

Me-Poseidon God of the seas!


Chiron-Percy why don't you take Anabell back to the Poseidon cabin so she can get some rest

I helped Anabell up and I showed her around and the cabin I showed her, her bed and she sat down



Anabell-Have I ever met our dad?

Me-Yeah twice I think

Anabell-Can you tell me about my past? Before I came here?

Me-I don't really know your past you rarely ever talk about it


Me-I don't know I guess you don't like how your past was!

She looked down upset

Anabell-I'm just going to take a nap!

She laid down and fell asleep

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