Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


4. Calling home

Anabell's POV

I was at the Poseidon Cabin with Percy I was just sitting down reading some old Greek story's but I couldn't concentrate I was a little upset because today I had a championship softball game to play

Me-Um is there some way I can call home?

Percy-Yeah follow me

I followed him outside to the water he controlled the water to go up towards the sun then it made a faint rainbow he handed me a gold coin and told me what to do

Me-Oh goddess please except my offering!

I threw the coin in

Me-Show me Luciana Washington in Dallas, Texas (A/N She is based of one of my best friends on my softball team if their name is bold then they are on the team)

A few seconds later I saw her face appear in front of me and she jumped against a fence along with my team

Me-Hey guys!

Luciana-Anabell where are you?

Me-That doesn't matter I just wanted to wish you guys good luck! Are you playing right now?

Luciana-No we still have an hour before the game we're just relaxing how are you calling us?

Me-Like I said I can't talk about it! Good luck guys I hope you guys win for me! I promise later I will tell you guys almost everything!


Me-As much as I'm aloud to tell you!

Percy-Anabell you have to hurry I think Chiron's coming!

Me-I have to go bye guys

I swiped my arm threw the water and the connection died

Percy-While were out here and Chiron is on his way let me help you with your water control hold your hand out and focus on the water

I did what he said and focused on the water

Percy-Say "Up!"


The water went up and it was so cool then something startled me and then the water went in the other direction and hit Chiron in the face


Chiron-I'm sorry I probably shouldn't have disturbed you while your training I just wanted to see how you were doing!

Me-I'm good Percy has been helping me a lot with my water control training and my sword control!

Chiron-Glad to here well I should go leave you to your training

With that said Chiron left and me and Percy were alone

Percy-I have an easier idea for you


Percy-Go in the lake will yourself not to get wet and breath

Me-You want me to breath water are you crazy

Percy-Just try it

I jumped into the water with my clothes on and then like Percy said I willed myself not to get wet and then I started breathing underwater! It was so cool I opened my eyes and I could see clearly I even saw some naiads giggling! Then I got out of the water and I wasn't wet!

Me-Okay that is seriously cool!

Percy-Oh and you should meet someone!

He whistled and a black flying horse cam towards me

Me-Wow he's beautiful!

Horse-Why thank you!

Me-I must be crazy because I swear that horse just spoke to me!

Percy-He did! Another perk of being the child of Poseidon!

Horse-Blackjacks the name, flying's my game!

Me-Yeah that's going to take some time to grow on me!

Blackjack-So Percy this is your lil sis?

Percy-Yup Anabell, Blackjack, Blackjack, Anabell!

Blackjack-Nice to meet you kid!

Me-Things will never be normal again for me will they?

Percy-No, No they will not


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