Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


2. Anabell Daughter of Poseidon

Annabeth's POV

Just then Chiron walked in I saw Anabell jump back I guess she was frightened by half man, half horse!

Chiron-Well looks like our guest is awake!

Me-Chiron look at this

I showed him the note when he was done we walked outside letting Annabeth get some fresh air then a green trident appeared above Anabell's head everyone kneeled down because she was the Daughter of Poseidon

Anabell-What's going on?

Percy-Your the Daughter of Poseidon!

After that she ran off we searched but we couldn't find her

Anabell's POV

I ran off because I couldn't take the staring anymore the last time everyone looked at me like that was because I was being bullied! I didn't know where I was going I saw a softball field and I ran there! Softball and water were the only things that kept me calm! I went to the pitchers mound and sat down I heard someone walk up behind me

Me-I'm sorry I ran away I couldn't take it anymore!

Percy-Take what the staring?

Me-The last time people stared at me like that was when someone called me Medusa!

He just sat down next to me and looked at me but I kept looking forward at the nearby lake

Percy-I fought Medusa and you are way prettier then her!

Me-Thanks but it doesn't help anything! I was bullied everyday!


Me-Can you just leave me alone?


Percy left and I just sat there then I got a call on my cell


?-Hey it's Derek

Me-Oh hey

Derek-Where are you? I heard you ran away!

Me-I did I found out I was adopted and that my birth mom died so I ran away plus I couldn't take the bulling!

Derek-Where are you?

Me-I can't tell you

Derek-Come on I'm your boyfriend

Me-I'm sorry but I'm not telling you and I'm not going back to Texas please don't come look for me!

Derek-Are you breaking up with me?


After that I hanged up I put my hand over my mouth and cried I mean sure Derek was a popular, bad boy but he's so sweet! I dried off my tears and got a hold of myself I got up walked to my bag grabbed a glove, face mask, and a softball I did my arm warm ups then walked to the pitchers mound I started my wind up and got it dead in the middle! I guess Annabeth saw me because she walked towards me

Annabeth-Hey are you okay?

Me-No last week I was a regular girl who plays softball now I'm here! And a demigod!

Annabeth-It's okay all of us thought that too look it's going to start off scary but then you will think it's the greatest gift in the world!

Me-Thanks Annabeth that helps a lot

Annabeth-Well I have to get you to Poseidon Cabin for bed you look tired plus you have a long day of training tomorrow!

She started walking so I followed her

Me-Training? Why am I training?

Annabeth-That's what we do here we train hero's! By the way are you good with sword?

Me-I don't really know but some times I pretend my softball bat is a sword but that might not help

Annabeth-Well we'll see! Here we are Poseidon Cabin

We walked to a big house by a lake made of wood at the top was a trident so yeah right cabin. We walked in and found Percy in there

Percy-Hey you okay?

Me-Yeah I'm fine I'm just really tired! I haven't slept in 3 days because of whatever it was that was chasing me


I laid down and soon fell asleep but it was weird I mean I couldn't tell where I was it was so dark! Then I saw a glow I walked towards it and saw the monster that was chasing me with some guy with blond hair

Guy-So Poseidon has another child and it's a girl at least she wont be a challenge to defeat she's probably as pathetic and terrible with a sword like her brother!

I wanted to go over there and punch him but I couldn't move my feet!

Guy-Wait something's here! I can sense it

He looked directly at me he pulled out a sword he was about to swing then I woke up

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