Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


9. SleepOver!! <3

A/N    There's going to be foul language in this chapter to give you a heads up Carrot Kittys! <3


I run up behind a shelf and pull out a book hiding my face. I watch as Ashley slaps Blair in the face knowing that knowones here and Blair just takes it?! Why does she do that! Does she feel like she deserves it or something. Ashley gets down to look at Blair and says "Listen here you little slut! Harry is mine because i'm made to be with him so...Stay out of my way or another bitch is dying in the bathroom" Blair just continues to look down and mumbles "why would he date a whorey tramp like this" and so Ashley slaps her again. "I'm not a whore! but you on the other hand...Trying to talk with the 5 most hottest boys in school?! Hahaha you obviously want some attention huh?" Ashley says in the most sarcastic way possible. Blair looks up and......

 Blair's P.O.V

 I took each slap because in my head something was telling me I deserved this. "I'm not a whore! but you on the other hand... Trying to talk with the 5 most hottest boys in school?! Hahaha you obviously want some attention huh?" I hear the sarcasm in her voice. Furious I look up at her and.. WAM!! she falls down after one big punch to her face "that's what the hoe gets for opening her mouth without permission" I laugh at my tramp pun. I just walk out of the library to the office where I just sat waiting for everyone to leave which doesn't take long.. I scurry off to the corner and moved a bunch of chairs around me as I faced the corner silently crying. I love harry!! He probably doesn't feel the same way back but all of a sudden I feel a warm and strong hand on my shoulder. I turned around not caring how big red and puffy my eyes were until I saw harry looking down at me with a smile on his face?? "W-What do...Y-Y-You want Harry?" I asked through sniffles. He moves the chairs from around me and stands me up so I just sit down in a chair looking up at him still crying but not as hard. "Blair.. I know we just met and all but I really want to protect you from all of this" As he looks around and hearing the way hes talking he means it. "Blair.." He crouches infront of me so I'm his height. "Will you please do me the honor of being my girlfriend...." He looks at me with his beautiful emerald green eyes with a sparkle in them of hope. I close my eyes and think for a moment before I finally looked up at him and I said "Harry Edward Styles.......................It Would be my honor to be you girlfriend" I smile at him. He picked me up and hugged me doing the *one thing(  <-------Haha see what i did there?? ) I've only dreamed about. He pulled me close and kissed me!!!! HE KISSED ME!!! "Lets go find the other lads and tell them" He says to me with a cheerful perk to it.

   Harry's P.O.V

  I did it! I made Blair my Girlfriend. WE are heading towards the lunch room when we see the lads out in front of the cafeteria..... We go over to them "What's wrong lads? It looks like you've all seen a ghost.." I say worriedly.  "Harry we all need to talk" Liam says. Directing us to a conference room we all sit down until Louis the leader(Also louis the tommo tomlinson lol) Says finally "The thing is.......The Wanted have threatened us that if we dont give them Blair...They are..."Louis trails off before finishing and a tear falls down. I'm now furious! What do they want with Blair!! "Louis what are they going to do!!" I say more demanding. "They are going to............K-k-Kill her....."He finishes not wanting to at all. I become so enraged that I punch the table accidentally leaving a dent in it which is hard to do since its a very thick kind of wood. Blair then puts her hands around my arm and looks at me with her beautiful eyes. I look at her and calm down.. "Lets go to your house Blair..So we can get your shit and hide you." Harry says not meaning to hurt her. She let a tear escape her eye and she just nodded..... Did I just scare her?? I'm not suprised if I did...I don't mean it all but I forgot how sensitive she is so I looked at her "I'm sorry Blair....I just don't want anyone hurting you anymore.." I say looking at the floor but she lifts my chin up so I look her in the eyes and she said to me "It's okay harry.. I know your angry but You should try to control it a bit better okay, love" she asks looking at me. I hear the boys turn away so their backs are facing us. She just blushed and I leaned in....She helped close the gape between us and we kissed until we heard Louis clear his throat "I think I'm sleeping in your room anymore huh??" Louis asks trying to pout. We all laugh for a little. We then head out to Blair's house and her mom wasn't home and her brother was upstairs on his guitar. "I'll be right back" she says quietly making all of us stay put.

  Blair's P.O.V

 I go upstairs into my One Direction Fangirl room and packed up all my stuff for a month. I then toss down the bag to Harry who was waiting at the end of the stairs. I quickly ran into my Brother's Room. "LUKE!!" I shout over his guitar. He stops and looks at me "Yeah?" he asks annoyed. "Tell mum that I'm staying at One Directions house for a month because I won a contest okay?" I lied. "Yeah sure whatever.." He was about to play his guitar again before I say "Tell her i'll call every night okay?? I'm glad you are still alive big brother." I say to him and I cry a little. He comes over to me and bear hugs me "You are my most favorite little sister any person could have." he said which made me cry harder. I stopped after awhile and I kissed his cheek before leaving with the boys to stay with them for a month.....

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