Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


2. School...

   Blair's P.O.V


   I made it just in time before the bell rung. I quickly walked, looking for the main office. I was so focused on trying to find the right room I didn't even notice where I was walking. I ran right into a gorgeous boy. He had emerald green eyes that twinkled perfectly, he had naturally curly hair that flows in the right direction (With a lil help obviously XD) He was like an angel to me. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and picked up all my belongings and quickly scurried off but he grabbed my arm before I could even leave. "Hey." he said with this hot British accent of his. I instantly get shy.." Hi..." I say quietly before grabbing my backpack strap tighter because It was an awkward position for me. "I'm Harr-" he got out before I interrupted him "I know who you are. Your Harry Edward Styles..." I say still finding the floor tiles interesting. He places his hand out waiting for me to shake his hand. I shook his hand lightly. "What's Your Name, Love??" He asked. "I-I'm.....Blair" I say shyly. I scurry off before he runs after me shouting "Wait!!" I stop dead in my tracks. He looked down at me and asked "Where Do You Need To Go??" I then sadly shrug. "I don't know...I just came here today... I need to find the office." I then blush a deep red still in the awkward moment with him. He then smirks at me like I was a piece of candy. "I can help you find the office Love" He says still smirking.


       Harry's P.O.V


  I just couldn't help but smile at her. She is so beautiful. The way her hair compliments her eyes, How she gets a deep shade of rose red when she blushes..She's perfect in my eyes. I want her as mine but I really don't wanna sound too pushy to her because then she won't even give me a chance. I then offer without knowing at all "I can help you find the office Love" I say with excitement on accident. "Umm......Okay.." She says and then finally looks up at me. Her eyes are so beautiful.

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