Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


14. Leaving...

I'm trying a new way of typing so let me know what you think of it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harrys P.O.V "What do you wa-" I got cut off by her pressing her lips to mine. "Come on Harry. I know you missed me. I can just see it." Claire says while trying to tug my shirt off. "Claire I don't like you at all! I'm happy the-" she crushed her lips to mine again and pushed me on the floor straddling me. I heard the bathroom door open and..... Blair's P.O.V Harry hasn't been back for a little bit.. "I'll be back okay??" I ask them and not waiting for an answer I go try to find Harry and when I open the door hes on the floor being straddled by that whore!!! "H-Harry?!" I say while willingly let tears fall down my face. "Blair!! It's not what it looks like!! let me explain!" He says while shoving Claire off him. "NO HARRY!! I can't do this anymore!! Just don't bother to talk to me anymore okay!!" I shout running out of there while everyone was looking at me. I didn't care I just needed to get out of there. I was running down the road until everything went black...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uh-Oh!! What do you thinks gunna happen?!
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