Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


11. A Suprising Guest...

In this chapter you meet Liam's new girlfriend: kittykat8000 or as known in the story Caitlin. You will see info about who she is and what she does. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I run off to the bathroom banging on the door "Blair let me just explain!!" I plead. I hear sobs coming from the bathroom.....I didn't know I had the courage to do that. It just happened I guess..... She stays in there for a good 5 minutes until there is a knock on the door. I just sigh and go downstairs not expecting anything... Liam's P.O.V I can't wait for everyone to meet her. I met her while we were on break from the tour. She's so amazing. Her career is being a solo singer. Her looks are to die for. She has amazing Hazel eyes that suit her complexion. Her flowwy brown hair that sits on the middle of her shoulders...shes just.....WOW!!. I hope Blair doesn't mind the extra company though...Speaking of I haven't seen Blair for a little while...What's she up to?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry for it being super short I'm just happy because today is my birthday and I just anted to introduce Caitlin to the story thats all. Don't Hate!!! Lots o love Carrot Kittys!!! <3
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