Danielle Peazer. My sister. The one who was always in the spotlight and always was a bitch. I am Myaa Peazer. The unwanted one. Always second best and never good enough. This is my life


3. Chapter 2

Myaa's POV:

     As I was walking back to my car, Danielle came up behind me and pushed me against the wall. And slapped me. Hard. She had a bright red face and started screaming at me telling me that I ruined everything and that I should go die. Then Liam came down and stepped in the way right as she was going to punch me. She hit him. Right in the nose. There was a sickening crunch and she walked away. Blood was pouring from Liam's nose and you could tell that it was broken. I got some ice for him and drove him to the hospital.

An//// Sorry for the short chapter. I am looking for a new character to play the role of Myaa's Bff. If you want to be that character post your name, what you look like, and your personality. I am also looking for a co-author. Comment for that and subscribe to me!!!!!<3 I love anyone who is reading this!!!

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