Danielle Peazer. My sister. The one who was always in the spotlight and always was a bitch. I am Myaa Peazer. The unwanted one. Always second best and never good enough. This is my life


2. Chapter 1

Myaa's POV:

     I have been dreading this day for weeks now. Today is the day that I have to visit my family. To other people this might not seem that bad, but it is for me. My parents hate me, they say that I was an accident. My older sister Danielle by 2 years has always been the center of attention, my parents love her. She is a dancer, so am I. We both were offered jobs on the X factor but my parents forced me to turn it down in fear that I would make Dani look bad. My parents said that I  had to stay at Danielle's house because they did not want me in their 8 room house that is shared by them and them only. So I slowly walked up to her door and knocked lightly. She opened it.

Liam's POV:

   I heard someone knock on the door and Danielle went to answer it. I slowly walked up behind her and saw who it was. A girl that was seriously a spitting image but a little younger than Danielle was standing there. I heard dani tell her to go away and never come back. And that she did not deserve to be her sister. This took me by surprise. In the 3 years I have been dating Danielle she has never mentioned a sister. And then Danielle told her to go to hell and slammed the door in her face. She turned around and saw me there and her mouth turned into a big O. I was done. A month ago she cheated on me. I said one more chance. A week ago some guy called while Danielle was out saying he had a fun time last Friday night and now this. I simply told her that it was over and she needed to leave.

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