It's Complicated

"What if she finds out?" I ask. "I'll handle it." He replies. "Why don't you just break up with her?" I ask. I'm full of questions. I'm secretly dating my sisters boyfriend behind her back. Me and my sister just started getting close again, and i would hate for to be mad with me. "Because management wont let me" He says kissing my neck. "If she finds out she'll kill us both" I whisper. " I know i'll deal with it if she finds out but if sh kills us at least I will die happy. I love you." "i love you too" I whisper back.


1. Mistaken Idenidy



Olivia's P.O.V

" Olivia! Get your ass down here!" My sister Eleanor screamed up the stairs for me. This happens everyday. My sister rudely wakes me up everyday, which really pisses me off. I climb out of my comfy, soft, warm bed and walk to the bathroom to take a shower. I quickly strip and get into the warm shower getting clean and clearing all my thoughts. I'm under a lot of stress right now. Me and my best an only friend Izzy, are currently in a fight, because i have a slight crush on her older brother, Ethan, and she told him! Me and him were kinda close until she blabbed to him about my secret crush. Now everything is awkward between us and it doesn't help that me and him work together. I hate being angry with Izzy, but what what she did was wrong and she should have kept my secret. As I finish my shower I turn off the faucet   And step out dry myself and wrapping a towel around my slightly damp body. I brush my teeth and go slowly walk to my room. I'm dreading work because today is my first day back to work since Izzy told my secret. I get dressed into my work uniform. I walk downstairs grabbing an apple and screamed for Eleanor. "Eleanor! I need a ride to work!" "Ha! You're dreaming! You're walking today! I'm meeting up with my boyfriend! I need extra time to get ready!" Gosh, that girl is so self centered! It's always 'Me this! Me that!' with her! She thinks she's better than everyone because she's a model. I head out the door chewing my apple. Oh! I forget to introduce myself! Duh! Sometimes i feel like such a idiot haha. Hi i'm Olivia Cadler. I'm Eleanor Cadler's sister. Were twins. We look exactly alike but she's the 'pretty one'. I'm 20 years old and was born on July 16th. I live in England with my mother and my annoying sister. My dad died when I 2 two months old. When I was five all the kids at school had their mom and dad with them so i tugged on the hem of my mothers shirt and ask why me and Eleanor didn't have a daddy. She started crying and i was confused. I said "Mummy what's wrong? Mummy please don't cry!" She put me and Eleanor in her lap and kissed our foreheads and said she would tell us when we got home. I'm upset that I never had the chance to actually get to know my father growing up.  It would have made things so much easier growing up. I stopped thinking about my petty back life and walked the rest of the way to work with a blank mind. When I got into my work place i was smothered in a  hug and got a peck on the cheek from a totally random boy. "Eleanor! You made it!" He yelled. I was confused at first and then realized he thought that was my sister! I had to clear this up ."Umm.. I'm no-" He interrupted me by saying "I missed you so much!" "Liste-" He cut my off again by wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me close to him. "Yes baby cakes?" Ew. He calls my sister baby cakes? Gross! "I'm not Eleanor"  I say. "Ohhh. Of course! And i'm Superman!!" He laughs. He thought I was kidding. "No seriously i'm not Eleanor. I'm her twin sister. Now please let go, you're squishing me!" I say with all seriousness. He loosens his grip around my waist and looks me in the eyes. "You're not kidding are you?" He asks. "Nope." I reply. His cheek flare red in embarrassment.  "Oh my god! I'm sosososo sorry! Eleanor didn't mention she had a sister. A twin at that!" He says. "Shocker." I say sarcastically under my breath. Unfortunately he heard me. "What?" He asked.  Damn he heard me. "Oh.. Uh. Nothing, it's just that uhh... Oh screw it you deserve to know. It's just like Eleanor to leave me out of her life and telling people her story because i'm not 'pretty', 'popular' or famous. Everything that she thinks isn't perfect she leaves out! She is self centered and ignorant and thinks she's better than everyone because she's a model and is dating the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Whoever that is, he must be really desperate to date a snob like my sister." "Oh?" he replied. "Well uhh before you start to insult that 'Louis' guy it's pronounced Louie not Louis, and i'm guessing you're not a huge fan of the band One Direction or else you would know that I am the 'One and only Louis Tomlinson'." "Oh... I'm so sorry you have to date my sister! And i'm sorry I insulted you." I apologized. "Haha, and it's no problem that you insulted me, but your sister isn't that bad! Are you two in a fight or something?" He asked. "Yeah you could say that. We are always in a fight." I responded. "Well what happened? Maybe I can talk to her?" He offered. " Oh no you do-" I was cut off by my boss Maribeth or as i like to call her Maribitch screamed at me. "Olivia! Get over here it's time to work not socialize!" God I hate her. "Well uhh listen I gotta go.." I turned on my heel to walk away but he grabbed my wrist. "Wait! Can I get your number?" He asked. "Oh I don't think Eleanor would like that to much.." I say. "Who cares? She doesn't get  to pick who my friends are an aren't!" He states kimd of sassily. I hesitate but he stares at me with puppy dog eyes and i give in. "Okay.. Fine!" I huff. I give him my number and Maribitch yells at me again. "Olivia get to work or you can forget coming tomorrow!" "Sorry! I'm coming!" I yell back. "Listen I really have to get to work." I state turning back to go start my shift. as I was walking away he called behind me "Okay i'll text you later!"                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(A/N) Hey my little marshmallows! Okay so this is my first movella and frankly also the first fan-fic I have ever wrote so no hate please! I am on my brothers computer so the story wont be as good until I get mine fixed. That will be in a couple of days so yayy!! Please no hate and if you think this chapter is good please say if you want me to continue writing in the comments! Love you Xoxo Kaylin Horan <3


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