Two Shades Of Styles

When Harley Normand meets Harry Styles, she finds that there's two sides to this mysterious and seductive man. One of them is the sweet, caring man that she adores. But then there is also a dark side. I guess you could say his sexiest side, Harley wants him, but is afraid of the risk. Plus, with Harry being filthy rich, this would be all over the media. But when she finds Harry wants her just as much, will she give in? And will Harley be all that Harry's needs desire?


3. University


                                                  I arrived at CEU for writing and nervously went inside. I walked up to a lovely lady at the front desk. "Hello, I'm Harley Normand, I'm here to see Mr. Morris," I explained. "Oh yes Ms.Normand, you can go right in," she opened his office door. I went in. "Hello Ms. Normand. Have a seat," he slid a chair out. "Thank you," I smiled. "Your welcome, do you have your paper?" he asked. I handed it to him. He nodded and started to read. The paper was about a government where everyone had to do what they said or get executed. I fiddled with my fingers nervously as I looked at his expressions for clues on what he thought of it. His expressions were blank but I seen a little smiles here and there. I was admiring a painting on his wall when he set the paper down on his desk. I looked to him. "It was a fantastic read Ms. Normand," he smiled. "Thank you Mr. Morris," I nodded. "We think you could be a great student to the university," he stated. "Oh thank you. I've always wanted to come to this school. It would mean a lot," I gasped. "I'll call you tomorrow to tell you whether you are accepted or not," he opened his door. "Goodbye beautiful," he kissed my hand. "Goodbye," I left awkwardly.

                                                      I got back to the dorm to find Lizzy and Louis watching movies while cuddling on her bed. Louis looked at me and winked. "Sup bitch," he nodded. "How ya doin asshole," I sarcastically laughed. "Hey Harls, how did it go?" Lizzy asked. "Great. He'll call tomorrow with the results," I replied. "Yay!" she cheered. Okay. I need to tell her that I'm going to be seeing Mr. Styles tomorrow for a date.  "Um.. Lizzy, about tomorrow. I'm going on a date," I admitted. "Oh really, who?" she sat up. Louis kissed Lizzy and left. "Mr. Styles," I confessed. "What!" she yelled standing. "Okay. He is just so cute and he asked me out so I said yes and I'm sorry," I explained. "This is great!" she cheered. Huh. Wasn't expecting that. "You can see how he really is outside of the job. By the way do you have the record of the interview?" she asked. "Oh yeah. Right," I handed it to her. "Thanks," she hugged me. Lizzy and I are really best friends. We love each other. Like sisters. "Let's go to bed, it's been a long day," I yawned. "Agreed," Lizzy and I changed and drifted off to sleep in our comfortable beds. Ready for tomorrow.

                                                         I woke up that morning and checked my phone. No messages from CEU but one message from Harry. I read text.

                                   Hello Harley. This is Harry Styles. I was wondering if you would

                                   accompany me at 6:00 pm for our date. Thank you. By the way,

                                    you are very beautiful.

                     I smiled and found myself blushing. I texted him back immediately. 

                                        Hello Mr. Styles, this is Harley Normand. Yes, I think I could go

                                         to our date at 6. Thank you. You are very beautiful yourself. By

                                         the way, where do I meet you?

                                                                 I sent the text and waited for a reply. I searched my closest for a presentable outfit and found a black dress with black kitty cat flats. I sat down on the bed after placing my date outfit on my closest door. 

                                              Meet me at Olive Garden. My treat. Have a great day. I 

                                                hope you get accepted to CEU.

                                                                        I smiled and put my phone down. Okay. Time to get ready for the day. It's going to be fun.

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