Two Shades Of Styles

When Harley Normand meets Harry Styles, she finds that there's two sides to this mysterious and seductive man. One of them is the sweet, caring man that she adores. But then there is also a dark side. I guess you could say his sexiest side, Harley wants him, but is afraid of the risk. Plus, with Harry being filthy rich, this would be all over the media. But when she finds Harry wants her just as much, will she give in? And will Harley be all that Harry's needs desire?


2. Interview You

                                He pointed to a chair. "Please Ms. Normand, have a seat," he suggested. I sat down and pulled the index cards from my purse. He took a seat across the slick black table. "Do you mind if I record this?" I asked. "Go right ahead," he approved. I pressed record on the recorder and looked at the first question. "How is it being so successful at such at such a young age?" I read the card. "Well it's good I guess, I mean I have a life ahead of me because of this success. So, it's great," he answered. "Do you ever get lonely Mr. Styles?"  "Well sometimes it would be nice to have someone there, but, most of the time, I'm fine just by myself," he proceeded. As I read a few other questions I noticed that he didn't look like he really meant that his life was perfect. "Are you happy?" Oh no. That wasn't on a card. I shouldn't have asked. "Of course I'm happy," he lied. "You're lying Mr. Styles," the words slipped from my mouth. He looked into my eyes. " You're right," he sighed. "Really?" I asked. He nodded. "Why?" "I'm alone. My parents died and my sister can't stand me. All I have is a piano and a butler," he confessed. Wow. That's really sad.  "I'm sorry about that," I sympathized. "Thanks," he smiled showing off irresistible dimples and sparkles in his eyes. Just then,  a brunette opened the office door. "Mr. Styles, your next appointment is here," she informed. "Just 5 minutes," he said as she closed the door. He got up so I did too. I grabbed my stuff and slid it into my bag. "Thank you for your time Mr. Styles," I had my hand on the doorknob. He held the door closed. I looked to him. "Um.. listen. I've never done this but would you like to go to dinner tomorrow? I find you very nice," he smiled. "Sure. I'd like that," I accepted. He opened the door and I walked out. "Bye Harley!" he called. I waved bye and stepped into the elevator and was accompanied by another brunette. Mr. Styles must like brunettes. Great. I'm one. "Wow. Mr. Styles has never called bye to someone before or ever called them bye their first name. He must like you," she stated. "Really?" I asked. She nodded. 

              Hmm.. This will be fun... The only thing is, how do I tell Lizzy I'm going out with the one man who can get her into the school paper for graduation? She'll have to deal with it. I want to help Mr. Styles. He is really cute. He looked around my age. I did want to go on this date with him. I turned on the radio once I got into the car. I sang along to the songs all the way back to the dorm. I looked at my watch. 2:00 pm. Okay. I have one hour until I have to turn the writing into CEU for writing. I really want into this college. We graduate in a month. I need to what college I'm going into. I opened the door and saw Lizzy smiling goofly on her bed. "What are you so happy about?" I closed the door back. "Louis made love to me for the first time today," she squealed. I know what you're thinking. Why would I be happy for her about that? Well it's because she really loves Louis and has wanted to have sex for about 2 years.  "Oh my God. Yay! I'm so happy for you!" I hugged her. "How was it?" I smiled. I shouldn't know. I'm a virgin. "Oh my God. It was amazing. I love him so much," she gushed. After talking about what happened with her, I grabbed my writing and got in my car. Time to turn it in. College. College. College. Wow. Wish me luck...

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