The Beastly Beauty? (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)

It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the same without their lives back in Foster. The three know that they will most probably never see any of the boys ever again. That was-until-the boys find the girls and take them back home. Back to where the scent of danger fills the air so much like it's a drug. But the real problem is, will Grace go back to either Harry or Luke? Will she have to pick between them? Or, will she just take the first chance she has to leave Foster again and make sure she never returns?


18. Contest Winner!



   Sorry I didn't announce the winner like I'd planned to do yesterday! I was writing an imagine, while my house was getting a few renovations! So please forgive me! And, I have got a winner. 

 Now the winner, that I have chosen ia.......


  *Drum roll* 

 Ms. Rossana (rossy2912xoxo)! 


 Either way.... The character your playing has something to do with Harry........ That's all I'm saying. I like having suspense! Either way, it's not bad or threatening, just saying. Anyway! I'll try and update tomorrow! Very unlikely! Today I had such bad Internet connection considering the weather was just off, and like I said, house renovations yesterday! And I haven't even started the next chapter! I know what's going to happen so... I might write it fairly quickly.... But it won't be good if its rushed so yeah... Unlikely! Anyway! Have a nice day, afternoon, or evening wherever you are in the world! Oh and just to say, I'm writing the chapter right now to a new story! It's called '10 Days With the Devil'. Yes, it's a 'Harry Styles' fan fiction, I just seem to connect more with him when I'm writing! So, I would really love for you people to check out the story once it's published! I'll love you so, so, so much! 




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