The Beastly Beauty? (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)

It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the same without their lives back in Foster. The three know that they will most probably never see any of the boys ever again. That was-until-the boys find the girls and take them back home. Back to where the scent of danger fills the air so much like it's a drug. But the real problem is, will Grace go back to either Harry or Luke? Will she have to pick between them? Or, will she just take the first chance she has to leave Foster again and make sure she never returns?


6. Chapter 6


  ~Grace's P.O.V~

 I walked back out of the bathroom to see Perrie quietly scolding Zayn. I could tell that Maya had spoken to Liam because he slumped back in his seat and stared directly at her. I sighed as I sat down on the couch and yawned.

  "I think you could use some sleep," Eleanor said walking over to me. I nodded at her and she took my hand. We walked out into the irritating weather and Eleanor showed me the room she had in her garage. I have to admit, I didn't expect it to be so big and decorated. The curtains were golden and she had a nice matching carpet that resembled to be fuzzyish. The bunk beds were covered in thick pink covers. I sighed as I felt the fabric.

  "It's nice, how'd you decorate it so well?" I asked.

  "Louis' parents are generous people, considering I've made him more humane," Eleanor said with a giggle. I stretched my arms out and yawned once more.

  "Well, I'll be inside, get some rest, you look tired," Eleanor said. "Here are some pyjamas, I'll bring in your stuff later," Eleanor handed me a night gown. It was more of a shirt styles into a dress, but I didn't say anything being aware that there are more things to focus on. I changed quickly and climbed to the top bunk. I stared up at the ceiling and sighed. Before I knew it, my eyes got heavy and I was asleep.


  "You fucked up big time, Styles, she won't trust either of us ever again," said a familiar voice.

  "How do you think I feel, Hanson? She walked out on both of us, remember?" Harry said. I heard the door open a several footsteps.

  "What are you boys doing here?" this voice belonged to Perrie. I could tell even when she whispered.


  "For what? She's not going to decide who she'll marry, stop trying," Perrie said.

  "We know that, but we just want to find out why-"

  "Why we left? Ask Harry. If we wanted you to know why we left, we would've told you, Luke," Maya chimed in. I heard a few sighs and cusses. I finally decided to sit up and stretch. Once I sat up I looked over to see Harry and Luke glaring at me.

  "Morning," I said letting out a yawn. I saw Perrie and Maya look guilty, for what they said? They shouldn't have, I would've said the same to Zayn or Liam.

  "Good morning," Luke said giving a wave. I nodded my head at him and looked down at my lap.

  "Breakfast? I haven't eaten in hours," I said scratching the back of my head. I looked to my side and saw that my suitcase had been brought in.

  "Yeah, Eleanor and Louis are busy cooking it," Perrie answered. I nodded once more.

  "Well, I better get dressed again," I said climbing off of the top bunk bed. Everyone left the room and I went over to my suitcase. I picked out light blue skinny jeans, a white blouse, and a white cardigan. I hauled on my worn out Chuck Taylors and walked out to the house. When I looked at the time it was basically 12:00pm, I guess everyone was waiting for me to wake up or something. Once I walked in, the room everybody lit up. I looked to see if everyone was actually there, I knew the boys were all there. I scanned the room and spotted, Noel, Erika, Alyssa, and... Mariah. My heart sunk and broke all over again. I turned my head to Harry who was looking down at his feet. I scoffed and turned to Perrie who had her arms crossed furiously as she looked beyond me and straightly to Zayn who looked apologetic.  I turned my head to see Luke with his arms crossed. He eyed me vigorously and then I realised, he wasn't the one I was mad at. He managed to tell me how he felt about me, and I kissed him. Then I went and slept with Harry, who hadn't even adapted the feelings Luke got for me. And yet, I still chose Harry when I did exactly to Luke, what Harry did to me. I felt my stomach churn with guilt and I gripped it. I sucked in a few deep breathes and calmed myself. If I got sick here, no one would ever let me leave and I'd get a body guard each night, I didn't want that. I felt Maya tug on my sleeve and she pulled me away from the room.

  "Do you think they know where we were?" Maya asked. I shook my head. "Okay but, when do we leave again? Gloria called Perrie and I since you wouldn't answer,"

  "Well, I'll stay as long as I need to if you need to find something out about you and Liam or Perrie with Zayn," I said. Maya nodded her head and we walked back out to the kitchen where breakfast was served. I looked down at the eggs on my plate and almost jumped. I'd had a trauma of seeing anything that reminded me of the day Dylan kidnapped me. I have that memory burned straight into my mind and I just couldn't bare it. All my bruises stayed at least until after my birthday considering that they grew dark. Don't even get me started on the swelling. I remember every time I touched them how badly I winced at the tap of my humble fingers; it was completely and utterly horrific.

 "I can't believe you're back," Alyssa growled. I smiled at her sourly in return and she scoffed.

  "What brought you back anyway?" Mariah asked in a gentle more calmer tone.

  "People," I replied taking a bite of bacon.

  "Your friend Reagan came around yesterday," Luke informed. Damn, I should've told her I would be in New York.

  "What'd she say?" I asked.

  "She asked if you had called at any time, she said she needed to explain something to you but you two hadn't spoken in at least 4 months," Louis finished. I nodded and finished my breakfast. Everyone began having a conversation and everybody participated besides, Perrie, Maya, and I. Eventually when I started twiddling my thumbs together, Harry realised I was bored and called out to me.

  "Come with me," he said offering me his hand. I didn't feel like being rude to him in front of everyone so I got up, without taking his hand. He lead me down to his room which I have to admit, was nice.

 "What's this about?" I asked taking a seat. Harry opened his nightstand door and pulled out a photograph.

  "I imagine that this is yours," Harry said handing my the picture. I looked at it hard and long, it was the picture I always carried around with my mother. This picture was taken in the last days of her life. I flipped it over to read her message she wrote.

 'To my little girl, this is in case you get lost and I won't be there to help love, mommy'

  It was my Nana's house number. My mother always had it written down herself, she took it everywhere ever since my grandfather died about five or six years ago. Harry must've picked up the photo at the club Maya and Perrie convinced me to go too. My lip quivered just at the thought of everything that happened.

  "Thank you," I choked. Harry sat down on the bed next to me.

 "Anytime," he replied. "What did you mean when you said 'Why don't you go ask Mariah?'?" Harry asked.

 "I shouldn't have to tell you," I said staring down at the picture. Harry nudged my arm.

  "For the record, you could've stayed for Luke," he whispered. I sniffled my runny nose and turned to Harry.

  "If I had stayed, it wouldn't have been for Luke," I said shrugging my shoulders. I felt a tear go down my cheek, how tired I was with crying. I do it so much that at this point, I didn't even know I was actually crying anymore. Harry reached up his arm and wiped away the tear.

  "Don't cry, you'll always look prettier when you don't cry," Harry said. I nodded and got up from the bed. I got up from the bed and walked out of the room once I got to the living room my eyes widened and my mouth got dry. My heart started beating at a rapid pace. That's when he looked at me with those bright blue eyes.

 "Grace," Will said.



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