The Beastly Beauty? (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)

It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the same without their lives back in Foster. The three know that they will most probably never see any of the boys ever again. That was-until-the boys find the girls and take them back home. Back to where the scent of danger fills the air so much like it's a drug. But the real problem is, will Grace go back to either Harry or Luke? Will she have to pick between them? Or, will she just take the first chance she has to leave Foster again and make sure she never returns?


27. Chapter 21 (1/2 of the last chapter)

This was going to be the official last chapter but yeah no. My friends have been distracting me so again, new chapter soon. Check out my other stories and by the end of the next chapter I'll have this dramatic speech and I'll have an epilogue! Take care guys. Love you muffin pops!




 Grace's P.O.V

 I 'fell asleep' at some point overhearing the whispered conversations going around the room. What was the big deal?

 "We can't just sit around when Will's dead! How the fuck do you think Grace will feel when she finds out that you're being too much of cowardly pussy's to go save Harry?!" Perrie yelled out. She was stopped when Zayn hugged her into his chest as she cried. Hormones. Wait... What? I sat immediatly and rubbed my head. The attention in the room was still focused on the little circle with everybody. It would make sense, I was in the dark part of the room.They didn't even noticemy awakening.

 "Shhh.... It'll be okay.... I promise.... I-I promise that we'll all be alright." Zayn whispered softly placing his hand on Perrie's stomach, where their baby was currently growing.

 "We just need to make a plan and then I promise, we'll go and we'll save at least Harry." Louis added.

 "What happened to my brother?" I silently intergected, with a slight choke. Everyone's attention was now focused on me. No one said a word, just looked at me in shock. "I wasn't asleep. Now what the hell happened to my brother?"

 "Grace, please-" Eleanor started before I cut her off.

 "No! I am sick of you all spoon feeding me! Now what the fuck happened to Will?!" I yelled. No one spoke once again and I faintly chuckled. "Really? You're going to do this to me now? After being tricked into coming back here where I wanted nothing to do with anyone here, getting poisoned by one of you, and cracking my skull. This is utter bullshit! I can't believe you-" now I was cut off. By Louis.

 "He's fucking dead!" he yelled, obviously hurt. "Dylan killed him, alright. They're torturing Harry and he could be next. I'm sorry, Grace. I really am," Louis said, you could easily tell that he was trying to hold back bitter tears. Eleanor told me how close Louis, Zayn, and Harry had gotten to Will. I hugged my knees to my chest and started sobbing loudly. That set off the girls and they joined in on the sob.

  "W-we need to at least save Harry. We need to go now! I'm not going to just sit here! We need to go!" I exclaimed trying to get up. Louis walked over and prevented me from it. Harry, being the fucker he is probably told Louis if I was ever hurt he'd need to help.

 "You can't get up yet. You're not well yet," he whispered.

 "I am," I said getting on my two feet. Surprisingly I didn't fall. "We need to go. We can't just sit around here."


 "Grace, please listen to us. We can't go yet, if something goes wrong, we could easily lose somebody else-" Liam started.

 "Fucking bullshit! He's your friend! How can you just sit here?! Don't you have any sympathy?! He may be all dark and strong but he's still a person. A living, breathing person." I sighed. "If you aren't going, I'll go by myself,"

 "You know you can't do that," Luke interjected. "You could get killed."

 "That would be because of lack of help, idiot." I said, crossing my arms. Everyone exchanged glances and a few muffled profanities before they looked back and me.

 "We leave at dawn," Zayn stated.


 Preparation didn't take long. We made a plan and basically just changed into fresher clothes and pleaded that no more blood would be spilled. We had also decided who would stay and who would go. Mind the protests, I'd convinced everyone to let me go. Perrie, obviously wasn't able due to her pregnancy, and Liam didn't want anything to happen to Maya. So the two girls would have sit waiting to see if their partners were alright. And they'd have to struggle anxiously knowing that two possibilities would carry on. Life or death for Liam and Zayn. The saddest part about that is that one option was likelier to happen.

 "What do we do if you manage to save Harry?" Perrie questioned from the doorway of the bedroom. I shrugged in reply.

 "We can't stay here, that's for sure. Maybe we could go to New York, all of us." I suggested.

  "If all of us survive tonight. Be careful out there." she sung before walking off. I marched out of the house and got into the car with Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall. The ride was silent, gradually because the boys were worried. I was more scared then worried but now was no time for emotion.

 "We're here. Remember, we get Harry, get out and go back for everyone else. This is our last night in this town alive or not." Liam said, putting a pocket knife and what I suspected to be a gun in his back pocket.

 "Be as quiet as possible." Zayn paused. "If they aren't awake right now, they will wake up once we leave. I'll go with Grace to get Harry,"

 "How do you know there is even a chance that they're asleep?" I questioned, picking my hair up. They all shared a small snicker.

 "Even the evil have to sleep or they'd be dead," Niall answered. "Let's go,"

  The five of us exited the van and proceeded to the house. Liam walked behind me and jiggled the knob and it opened with the slightest of creaks.

  "Dumb shits forgot to lock the door." he muttered. Louis, was the first to make his way through us and enter. He examined the scene and pursed his lips in a thin line.

 "Get Harry and get out." he ordered using hand gestures. The rest of us had nodded and walked inside. Niall, Louis, and Liam stood on guard, making sure that neither Katie or Dylan woke up.

 "They've hidden him pretty well." Zayn stated. "When in doubt, go to the basement,"

"Wait," I said grabbing Zayn's arm. He looked at me with worry and sorrow knowing what I was going to say. "What if he isn't-isn't okay? What do I do then, Zayn?" tears welled in my eyes. Zayn looked at my sympathetically. He brought me in his arms and patted my back.

 "Harry's going to be just fine. I promise. Now lets get him and get the fuck out." he pulled away and safely grabbed my hand.

 "Wait!" I repeated, a bit more questionable.

  "What?" Zayn said. a questionable look on his face. I looked around the dark and messy surrounding and sighed. "The bad guys would always hide their bait in the basement." Zayn nodded.

 "I think it's this way...." Zayn directed pointing down the hall ahead of us. I nodded and followed his lead. We came across a white door with blood spots on it. I held back a gasp knowing two possibilities to whom the blood belonged to.

 "Let's go," I twisted the knob cautiously and opened it with delicacy. There was a faint light located at the bottom of the damaged wooden steps. Chains rattled around and a quiet whisper or maybe a whimper was released. Zayn carefully nudged my forearm letting me know that he was taking the lead and wandering ahead. I nodded, he just couldn't seem to let go of my hand. My best guess was that maybe he was also quite afraid to see the scene that we were about to witness. We walked down the steps and I shut my eyes tightly and there he was. In the flesh and blood. Literally. His face was covered in blood, dripping really. Black, purple, and blue bruises were the colour of the most part of his beautiful-once beautiful-still beautiful complexion.

  "G-G-Grace?" Harry stuttered. He reached out to touch me with his right hand, but that didn't do any good. The rattle of chains roared up, exposing his bloody raw wrist that clearly showed struggle. His jaw line was outlined when he saw Zayn's grip on my hand. "So, I disappear for three days and you go off with Zayn? And Perrie? What's she got to say about this? You keep breaking me, Grace."

 "Mate, calm down." Zayn said, letting go of my hand. Zayn walked up to Harry and examined the chains. His calloused and skilled hands ran through the silver practice death traps and he let out a frustrated groan.

 "We either get an axe and break these or we find the keys." Zayn looked at me with a mixture hope and disbelief. On the other hand, Harry looked so mixed up between emotions it was hard to decipher.

 "I-I'm sorry... Why would you come here? It's not safe. Zayn, you promised you wouldn't bring her here. You promised me that you and the boys would keep her safe." Harry gripped Zayn's arm but he didn't last long. He had weakened. Harry was probably starved, or dehydrated. Most likely both.

 "Yeah, we know. But the girls made a fair argument." he said. "Maya's worried, Perrie doesn't need the stress because she's pregnant, and this one," Zayn pointed a finger at me. "Even with a slightly cracked skull and barely capable to have the strength to move, she made fair points and she wants you safe. The same way you want her safe, she wants you." Harry's mouth concluded in an 'o' shape. That explanation was a bit all over the place but he got the point.

 "You're injured and you're here?" Harry questioned towards me. Meeting his gaze for the true first time after such a traumatic experience, it felt like the first time at school, four months ago.

 "Found the keys." Zayn interjected before I could actually speak. A spark flew through me.

 "Get them!" I whisper yelled and of course, Zayn did exactly that. We quickly unlocked Harry and started to make our way up the stairs. I hugged the two boys until heels clacked on chipped wood.

 "Now, now, now." Katie. "Rescue party? Are you serious?" she laughed bitterly. I turned around and there she had it. A gun. "Grace, now I don't know you very well and I guess I never will," she cocked her head to the side and pulled the trigger. I shut my eyes tightly. This was it. I was getting ready to be reunited with my mother. But as seconds went by, there was a thump and a gasp. My eyes peeled open to see Harry on the ground, blood starting up in his stomach. What had he done?



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