The Beastly Beauty? (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)

It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the same without their lives back in Foster. The three know that they will most probably never see any of the boys ever again. That was-until-the boys find the girls and take them back home. Back to where the scent of danger fills the air so much like it's a drug. But the real problem is, will Grace go back to either Harry or Luke? Will she have to pick between them? Or, will she just take the first chance she has to leave Foster again and make sure she never returns?


21. Authors Note


 Sorry that I've been on a type of hiatus... I just... It sounds weird but I feel like I've lost myself and I can't bring myself to my keyboard, sorry... But I'll be updating before school starts for me, which is on the forth of September. But, I might not, which I apologise for if you're a person who is addicted to this story. I mean its hard for me right and I have no clue why. So, please understand that I'm just not... Acting like my usual self. I mean, I don't have anything to do but I mean, it feels like I just need all that time to think about everything. I mean, so much has happened lately, I found out some news in my family that really isn't a big deal sometimes (it's not life threatening and no one died don't worry) but, it still hurts. And don't even get me started on what's happening in the fandom with the boys, the ones who were keeping me sane, and the ones who were just helping me process everything happening so yeah, that feels just as horrible as a needle. So, yeah. I'm just sorry, I know that sucks and I know you guys were expecting me to have an update... So yeah, I'm sorry once again. And, if you want an imagine, with an outfit, as a gift, I'll post the info in my mumbles. And yes only in my mumbles and not in my movella about it. I don't know why but yeah. And if I don't do that immediately, sorry. I'm horrible. 











And if you read until down here. I know you care. So thank you. I love you all, and thank you for encouraging me to write this story. It's a great feeling to know that people like me are here and I'm not alone. Like honestly, I get called a teachers pet by this dickhead in my class. So thank you for proving to me that I'm not a freak. 


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