There were these two girls that I was great friends with growing up. They were twins, but they were anything but normal. One had bleach blonde hair and pail blue eyes, the other had black hair and charcoal eyes. Everything was great until one day, they went missing. Now, 11 years later I am in a famous boyband and I have not seen or heard of them since.


5. The meeting

Faye's POV:

     Today was the day. I had just seen Harrys mate Louis leave the flat and now was my chance. I slowly walked up to the door and knocked lightly. Harry opened the door and I could tell he recognized me because his mouth was opened forming a big O. I slowly brushed past him and took him inside. That was when the questions came. He was rambling on about my disappearance and how he thought I was dead. I decided not to mention Zara though. That is for later on. I decided to tell him about myself. I was very nervous that he would not accept me for who I truly was. But it was time. Harry... I have something to tell you.


  Harry's Pov:

     Harry... I have something to tell you was all she said. It must have been pretty important from the look on her face. "I... Imanangel." she said. What? I thought you said you were an angel. "I am." She must have been joking. Angels are myths, they aren't real. That was when she got a look of pure concentration on her face. The air around her started to shimmer. And an outline took place then big white fluffy wings took place in the air. That is when the pain came. It was worse than ever before. I stumbled, then blacked out.

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