There were these two girls that I was great friends with growing up. They were twins, but they were anything but normal. One had bleach blonde hair and pail blue eyes, the other had black hair and charcoal eyes. Everything was great until one day, they went missing. Now, 11 years later I am in a famous boyband and I have not seen or heard of them since.


4. The interview

Harry's POV:

     Today we have an interview with a magazine, I  don't  particularly know which one, just  that we would answer some questions and then take our pictures. Nothing really out of the ordinary. <<<Skip car ride>>> I was sitting on the too small cramped couch with the boys while the interviewer asked questions. She asked all of the same stuff like our girlfriends, who was single, our families and what not. Then she asked a question I was not expecting. "Did you have any childhood friends back home from when you were little?" That shook me up a bit. I just now remembered Faye and Zara, But when she got to me, I gave a shaky no. When we got home I decided to go to bed because it had been a long day. I brushed my teeth than stripped down to my boxers but when I got to my bed, I found a crumpled post it note. It simply said "No?" I was quite confused at first. But I just blew it off. I went to lay down when I started getting a dull pain in my shoulder blades again. But the pain grew, and it just kept coming getting worse and worse. I was bent over at that point with my head in my hands trying to hold in a scream when it just stopped. In the morning I looked horrible due to the fact that I did not get much sleep. I still blamed the pains on lack of sleep and my overactive imagination though.

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