There were these two girls that I was great friends with growing up. They were twins, but they were anything but normal. One had bleach blonde hair and pail blue eyes, the other had black hair and charcoal eyes. Everything was great until one day, they went missing. Now, 11 years later I am in a famous boyband and I have not seen or heard of them since.


2. Supossed to be a day off

Harry's POV:

     HARRRRYYYYY!!!!!!! HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! My best mate Lou yelled trying to get me up. I didn't budge, in fact I buried my face in my pillow and snuggled deeper into my blankets. It was our only day off for 3 weeks and I had planned on using it. Evidently, Louis had different plans. He came into my room then proceeded to tell me that Liam had sent a text saying we had to go to a publicity stunt at a water park with a bunch of little kids. Don't get me wrong, I love kids... I just don't like it when they interfere with my sleep. "We have to leave in an hour." I slowly got up and stretched when I got some pain in my shoulder blades. I blew it off thinking that I may have slept wrong and continued to get ready. Soon the black suv was at the front door of the flat Lou and I shared. We got in than went to get Liam who was the last of us to pick up. After a long car ride that included singing to the radio, playing I spy, and dancing in our seats, We finally arrived. We got out and the press was everywhere. We smiled and waved all the way across the parking lot. When we finally got inside there were kids everywhere. I spent what was supposed to be my day off taking pictures and signing autographs under the hot sun. When we finally got home I was beat and I went straight to bed.

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