There were these two girls that I was great friends with growing up. They were twins, but they were anything but normal. One had bleach blonde hair and pail blue eyes, the other had black hair and charcoal eyes. Everything was great until one day, they went missing. Now, 11 years later I am in a famous boyband and I have not seen or heard of them since.


3. Faye

Faye's POV:

     I was watching Harry today. I know it is fate that we meet again. But when we do, It will ruin everything. His fans could hate him, it could ruin his entire career. Zara is dead. Eight years ago when we were playing in the chat piles with Harry. She was taken by the darkness, and in order to save her, or ever get her back, I need to find Harry. He is our only hope at this point. When Zara was Taken I was only saved by the fact that I could run faster. After that, My parents immediately took me and we went to the haven. The only safe place for our kind. I didn't understand what they meant until my 13th birthday. That is when the transformation happened for me. When I finally grew my wings. My parents said that Zara was always dark, She was born dark and there was nothing they could do about it. But now I know that I can.

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