Eyes Wide Open

An American directioner, Elly, is walking in her hometown Atlanta, Georgia when suddenly she was knocked down by hundreds of girls. Harry Styles helps her up and he falls in love with her right when he saw her. She doesn't bring herself to believe it was Harry who helped her. He searches for Elly but when they finally meet again will they get together?

(no sexaul content)

*BTW this is my first fanfic so it might suck bad*


5. Stalk



It was 4 and also question time for Harry. I walked over to Harry's booth, which was also surrounded by girls. "Excuse me." I tried to push through all the girls. "Hi Harry. You have some explaining to do." I said. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" All of the girls said. Harry got out and I followed him to his car. We both got in. As soon as he starts the car, I ask him a million questions, the first one being why did he have a picture of me on his phone. "I thought you were so beautiful and a momemt like that can't be missed." I blushed. 

By the time we got home I have asked all the questions I had. He answered all of them. Harry looked for me and thinks I'm beautiful. Wow. 





I walked into Elly's house and saw a woman sitting on the couch watching Lifetime. "Mom. This is Harry." The woman turned around. "Oh! You look just like the boy on those posters Elly has. I even think she has a cardboard cuttout of that boy too-" "Mom!" "Sorry honey. So Harry, do you know who One Direction are? Elly just adores them." "MOM!" Elly's mum backed away. "I'll just give you two some alone time. Don't you two do anything that I wouldn't be proud of. OK bye." Elly's cheeks were red from embrassment. "Sorry about her. She doesn't know what to do when I have a boy over." I chuckled. "It's alright. Now wheres that tea that you promised?" She smiled. "I didn't promise you anything. Haha." Elly started making some English tea. I guess she was trying to impress me. "Heres that tea I didn't promise you." She was all giggly. 

After I finshed my tea, Elly led me to her room. "Now Harry, before you go in here, I have to warn you. My obsession is a bit creepy." she had a worried expression on her face. "It can't be that bad." I said walking into her room. Mine and the boys' faces were everywhere! "Oh wow." "I told you it was bad Harry. I'm so embaressed!" "Come on Elly your not our only fan that has posters everywhere of us. It's nothing to be embaressed about." I walked over to her dvds and cds. She had all of our albums, deluxe albums, tour dvds, and documentaries. "Wow you have a lot of merch." I couldn't help but smile. "Have you ever seen us in concert?" "No. Too expensive. I guess since I know you now I can get a discount. Haha." "Elly I wouldn't even make you pay for one." I tried to reach for her hand, but she didn't notice and she moved her hand. "Come on Harry I have alot more to show you." She led me on.


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