Eyes Wide Open

An American directioner, Elly, is walking in her hometown Atlanta, Georgia when suddenly she was knocked down by hundreds of girls. Harry Styles helps her up and he falls in love with her right when he saw her. She doesn't bring herself to believe it was Harry who helped her. He searches for Elly but when they finally meet again will they get together?

(no sexaul content)

*BTW this is my first fanfic so it might suck bad*


2. Searching



I got home after work and went to my room to put down my purse. As I went into my room I saw my 1D posters, my hundreds of posters. You can't even see my wall. When I was walking out of my room I saw one of my Harry posters. He looked like the guy who helped me up. But it couldn't be, I mean I have been a directioner for 2 years and I have never seen them in concert or met them. Plus I have always been unlucky so why would good things like that be happening to me now? I left my room and shut the door behind me. When I walked into the kitchen, I made myself a hot pocket. It's around 6:30 when my mom comes home from work. It's just me and my mom here. My dad disappeared when I was around 8. I don't like to talk about him a lot.

A couple hours later my mom walked through the door. "Hi hun. How was your day?" she asked. "Weird, but fine." "How was it weird?" "Nevermind. I'll tell you later." I replied. My mom gave me a strange look. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it now?"  I nodded. "OK then, I'm just going to get a shower." "Mom don't you want to eat first?" She replied with, "Oh no. A nice man took me somewhere to eat before I went home." "What?! Mom, are you starting to go on dates?" It would be weird if my mom started dating. she hasn't gone on a date since my dad disappeared. "No. It was just hanging out with my fellow workers." she said. "Hmmm. OK. Whatever." I said back.





Did she live in Atlanta? God. I wish I would have asked for her number or name. I'm such an idiot.

I walked down the street where I saw her once before. I started towards Dairy Queen where I saw her go into after I helped her up. When I was at the door of the restraunt, I felt nervous, like I wasn't gonna find anything that will bring me closer to her. Finally I walked in and then heard screaming. Oh God. Not again. Ten or twenty girls started running up to me asking for pictures and autographs. "Harry, I LOVE YOU!!!" "HARRY SIGN THIS!!!" "Sorry girls I can't right now. I have some business to do right now. Maybe later." The girls smiled then sat back down and waited for me to do what I had to do. I walked up to the cashier and I pulled out my phone and showed her the picture of the girl. "Have you seen this girl at all today?" I asked. "Yeah. Thats Elly Thomas. She works here." "Thank you so much!" The cashier started to talk again. "Excuse me but if you could, can you sign this for my little sister shes a big fan of One Direction." "Of course." I smiled. "Whats her name?" "Madison." "Ok here you go." The cashier smiled. "Thank you!" "No problem." After I left the cashier, I motioned for the girls to get pictures and autographs. 

I finally knew her name. Elly.

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