Eyes Wide Open

An American directioner, Elly, is walking in her hometown Atlanta, Georgia when suddenly she was knocked down by hundreds of girls. Harry Styles helps her up and he falls in love with her right when he saw her. She doesn't bring herself to believe it was Harry who helped her. He searches for Elly but when they finally meet again will they get together?

(no sexaul content)

*BTW this is my first fanfic so it might suck bad*


7. Midnight Kiss



After I called the boys and told them where I was staying, Jen gave me some pillows and blankets to sleep on Elly's bedroom floor. I lied down on the floor once Elly crawled in her bed. "Harry? Do you want some old pants to wear as pjs. I just don't want you to be uncomfortable in jeans." I looked at her said, "Sure." She got up and went out of the room and came back with checkered pj pants. "Here you go." "Thanks Elly." I went to the bathroom to go change into the pants. I came back and Elly was sitting up and on her phone. "Hey Elly." "Yeah." "If it's just you and your mum who lives here where did these pants come from?" Elly put her phone down slowly. "Um.... it used to be my dad's." "If you don't mind me asking, but what happened to your dad?" "Um...." Tears started to form in her eyes. "He disappeared when I was 8." I looked her. "I'm sorry." "I've been so lifeless for 9 years." She started crying. I got up and got in the bed with her. "No. Shhhh. I didn't mean to make you cry Elly." I pulled her head into mine and we kissed for the first time. It felt like nothing before. Elly dried her eyes then looked at me and said, "Stay." I wanted to be with her forever.






I woke up with Harry's arms wrapped around me. I felt like I was in love. Harry woke up and kissed my forehead. "Hey babe." He said softly. I got up and put put my Lana Del Rey CD on and crawled back into Harry's arms. It felt like a dream.

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