Ali is a warrior. How? Want to know her story through life and then meeting Andy Sixx? Read to find out ;)


2. Part 2

Ali's POV

I walked slowly to the front row section. I took my seat. Damn, i'm so excited!!! Everything went black and then the spotlights went on the stage, reveling Black Veil Brides. I saw Andy look at me and smile, causing me to flash a small smile back. He started to sing and i was entranced into a perfect world. Everything was wonderful, until some guy started screaming at me. God damnit. It was Chris. He was my dad but i was taken away because he abused me. Fear grew inside my heart. I felt him grip my arm, making me cry out in pain. Bam. Punch to the head. I was out.

Andy's POV

I looked over to find a guy attacking the girl i had smiled at. Oh hell no. I jumped off the stage making people go crazy. I rolled my eyes and walked behind the guy and i smacked him in the back of the head, then i called for security and they took him away. I picked up the girl. She wasn't moving. I jumped back on the stage and ran backstage. The boys followed. "What the hell happened?" yelled Jinx. "Calm down asshole." I muttered. The guys looked at me in shock and the backed off. I sat down holding her. I hate fucking people who hurt others for no damn reason. I sighed. Hey, was she the great thing i felt? Maybe....

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