Don't Let Me Go

Lindsey White was a normal teenager learning how to sing,act,dance but when One Direction come in town will it change her life?

I kept walking until I heard lot screams with a following of comments 'I love you one direction!' 'Haz give me your gravy' 'Zany how long are your balls!' I couldn't help but chuckle that's when someone stopped me I looked up to see a very big man at least 6'2 "Are you Lindsey White?" He asked I looked at him confused how did he know me? "Yes" I replied He looked at me then looked behind him "Come with me" he whispered and lured me forward to 5 guys


1. 'Your so ugly even your mom can't stand you'

I silently walk through the doors having everyone's eyes on me I had both books gripped close to my chest my head down making my bangs fall loosely.Thats when head cheerleader also known as 'miss popular' walked in I knew she smirked when she saw me "Hey queen of nerds!" She yelled to me no one ever saw my face like seriously I've always masked my face since I got in high school because...


I walked in middle school like no problem struttin my stuff *wink wink* that's when again head cheerleader miss Tanyia Betties weird name but anyway smirked at me "how about you get kicked off of cheer practice" she said proudly.Thats when I laughed "Me?get kicked out you must be dreaming" I snarled back she looked at me then smiled evilly "your so ugly your mom can't even stand you" 

-Flashback over-

It changed my life I never liked compliments I always felt I'm being lied to.

-Right Now- 

Tanyia looked at me "how about I rip your mask out yeah and let everyone look at your hideous face" I shook my head frantically she came up and ripped my masked off.JUST.LIKE.THAT.

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