Don't Let Me Go

Lindsey White was a normal teenager learning how to sing,act,dance but when One Direction come in town will it change her life?

I kept walking until I heard lot screams with a following of comments 'I love you one direction!' 'Haz give me your gravy' 'Zany how long are your balls!' I couldn't help but chuckle that's when someone stopped me I looked up to see a very big man at least 6'2 "Are you Lindsey White?" He asked I looked at him confused how did he know me? "Yes" I replied He looked at me then looked behind him "Come with me" he whispered and lured me forward to 5 guys


2. Compliments,Compliments,Compliments

Everyone gasped (that's what she's wearing right now in the story) Tanyia widened her eyes I kept my gazed like it my eyes wide open and look at her while play with my hair that's when everyone started to blubber 'your so pretty' 'would you like to be my wife' 'your skins so smooth' "So your still there ugly face might as well punch it off" Tanyia smirked oh no she didn't she pulled her fist up and was about to punch my face when I held up my hand and grabbed her fist rotating it to her face making her fist contacted with her jaw lets say it wasn't pretty."Ow ow ow" she wined then principle Will came out and look at Tanyia and raised his eyebrow.Uh o

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