Secret Notes

Hi, my name is Julia. I'm a sophomore in high school. I hate it so much, everybody makes fun of me for the way I look. I wish they knew what my life was like. One Boy. One Boy named Zayn Malik. my best friend. always there for me. he is one of the reasons why I am still here today. We always sit next to each other in class, he always passes me notes to make me smile. But one day he's not there, usually he would text me or call me telling me he's not coming. He misses the next day too, and the next day, and the next day. Nobody knows where Zayn is, about three weeks later I lay on my bed, my mum and dad arguing, when I see a note on my burrow. I don't remember putting it there? I get up and look at the note, a big smile appears on my face.


1. Chapter 1

Beep Beep Beep! I hear the noise to my alarm go off, pressing the snooze button. I get up, walking to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and sigh. I check my phone, seeing a text from my best friend, Zayn. I read the text in my head, 'morning beautiful'. I smile wide, Zayn always knew how to make me smile. I get dressed, wearing my hair in a messy bun, the hoodie Zayn let me borrow, and a pair of white shorts. My family wasn't the richest, I didn't own many clothes. I text Zayn, asking him to drive me to school, of course he says yes. I brush my teeth after I eat breakfast.

I walk to Zayn's car, getting in, "hi zayn" I smile. "hey babe, beautiful as always." he smiles and starts to drive. I blush and look down, "thank you.." I mumble. He smiles at me. "Why cant we be in all the same classes together?" I frown. He shrugs, "not sure, but we have first period, third period, study and lunch together today." he smiles. I smile back, nodding.

We soon arrive at school, I get out and sigh, were late, homeroom has already passed. We both walk to first period, math. I take my seat next to Zayn. I look over at him, he's writing in his notebook, most likely writing his daily note to me. I smile a bit, looking up at the board, zoning out.

Before I realize it class is over, "see you in third period?" Zayn says to me, I nod and walk out of the class, now its time for Spanish class. I walk into class, sitting by myself in the back. I see a few girls in the front of the room looking at me, laughing. One of them gets up and walks to me, "didn't you wear that sweatshirt yesterday? mater of fact, didn't you where the whole outfit yesterday?" she laughs, the others laugh as well, even our teacher. I wait for the bell to ring.

Finally the bell rings, "smell ya later," john says to me and laughs as they all walk out. Im the last to leave class. Zayn is waiting outside for me. He looks at me, "You've been hurt? what happened?" he stares at me. "Just stupid people.. " I mumble as we walk to  third period, Science. I sit in the back, Zayn sits right next to me. Handing me the first note of the week, I smile at him and open it.

'Julia, You're absolutely beautiful, don't let anyone tell you different. I missed you all second period, hope everything went good. I kinda had a rough time today.. seeing your face brightened it up though. Honestly any guy would be lucky to have such a gorgeous girl. Hope this made your day a bit better babe. -Zaynie'

I smile at wide at zayn, soon class is over, and before I know it so is the school day. "Wanna ride home babe?" Zayn says. I nod and smile, getting in his car. We drive in an odd silence for a bit. "So how was your day?" he asks. "Eh.. only good when I had class with you..." I mumble. He smiles a bit. We soon pull up to my house and he gets out and gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek, I smile and walk inside.

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