Adopted by the Unthinkables

Alex, or Lex had naturally straight chocolate brown hair that reached her stomach and was very thick. She now has permanatly pink hair so some people call her CC (Cotten Candy). She cut her hair so it was thicker at the top and got thin at the bottom. She stays at an orphanage at the age of 16.

What happens when she finally gets adopted?

Who are the unthinkables?

All questions will be answered in, 'Adopted by the Unthinkables'!


2. Gah! Not a chapter...

Hi guys! *cowers as trash is thrown* I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever... I have many excuses.. -_-

1. I went on vacation so no computer access

2. I haven't been able to get to my computer, and it KILLS me! ;(

3. I also write on and that's where I write most of the time since you can write on the app for that website.. My username is AnimeIsLife ((I know, I have an addiction to anime *sigh*))

4. My birthday was in May and I still haven't had my party, which we're planning to do soon since it's summer break at the time


6. So.... busy.... *collapses from exhaustion*

7. I'm... uh.... EXTREMELY lazy......

So, there's all my excuses, check out my books on Wattpad, username and website above ^_^... I am sooooooooo sorry if you thought this was a chappie... And I'm soooooo sorry that the last chapter was crappy, and it was rushed ((which didn't do it ANY justice))...

So, if you wish to quit reading, I understand.... Bye people who probably hates me!

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