Adopted by the Unthinkables

Alex, or Lex had naturally straight chocolate brown hair that reached her stomach and was very thick. She now has permanatly pink hair so some people call her CC (Cotten Candy). She cut her hair so it was thicker at the top and got thin at the bottom. She stays at an orphanage at the age of 16.

What happens when she finally gets adopted?

Who are the unthinkables?

All questions will be answered in, 'Adopted by the Unthinkables'!


1. Adopted

I sighed as I sat on the roof of the orphanage. I've been here since I was 4 and now I'm 16. I'm Alex, some call me Lexi, some call me CC because of my pink hair (Cotton Candy). I was gonna miss Haley, I watched as she got in the car with her new family. She looked over and gave me a sad smile and waved goodbye. I waved back and wiped a stray tear from my eye.


I have to stay strong for the younger kids. There was only four kids around my age here, now there's only three since Haley left. So now it's me, Savannah, and Alice. Savannah slid downthe side of the roof and sat by me. "Hey Lexi, Mrs. Donna needs you." she said. I nodded and climbed up to the window.


This orphanage isn't like the ones in the movies. Here, the people who watch over us are nice, the rooms and food aren't terrible, it's probably just like at your house. Mrs. Donna was like a mother to all of us. I knocked on the door and I heard her say 'come in'.


I opened the door and walked in happily. "You needed me?" I asked. "Yes, you're going to be adopted Tuesday!" Mrs. Donna said happily. I stood there, frozen. Yeah, I was happy, yay I'm finally getting a adopted! But what about Lex? What about Alice and Savannah? Would I ever see them again?


Mrs. Donna's voice snapped me out of my thoughts, "Don't cry, you should be happy!"


I was sent off to start packing. Lex opened my door and walked in sadly. He was only five and I was the first he opened up to. "You're leaving?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm sorry Lex." I said wiping my eyes. "But CC, I don't want you to go!" he cried grabbing my waist. I picked him up and sat down and he buried his face in my chest. "What about singing me to sleep at night? How are you gonna do that?" he asked chocking on tears. "I'll and Skype you, and maybe sometimes, I can come visit." I offered trying to cheer him up. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked.


"Sure." I said laying him down. He nuzzled into me as I laid down beside him and wrapped an arm around him.



It's the day I'll be leaving and Alice, Savannah, and Lex won't leave my side.



England's POV-


I was excited, but obviously not as excited as America. Today we were adopting a 16 year old girl. We haven't seen her yet, but we just pulled up to the orphanage and America was already out the car. "Wait for me you twit." I said as he stood by the door impatiently. "C'mon Iggy! I want to meet her!" he complained. "Stop calling me that!" I snapped back at him.


He shrugged and I knocked on the door. Mrs. Donna walked out, we had met her Sunday to talk about the adoption, she would be my child since I was older. But I knew I would need America's help. We followed her in and she led us to a door. "She's probably saying goodbye." she said as she opened the door.


I saw a girl with pink hair and a little boy was falling asleep in her arms as she sang to him. Her voice was amazing.


"Not really sure how to feel about it.

Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay

It's not much of a life you're living
It's not just something you take – it's given

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay.

Ooh the reason I hold on
Ooh cause I need this hole gone
Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving
Cause when you never see the light it's hard to know which one of us is caving

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay, stay.
I want you to stay, oh." 


she sang the end of the song and my and America's jaws dropped. It was amazing, her voice was like an angel's!


"Alex? This is America and England, they're here to adopt you." Mrs. Donna said. She turned her head and she was really pretty. Her eyes widened, she probably knew who we were. Let's hope she's not a complete fan-girl...    


Alex's POV-  


I knew them! Yes, I was a fan of Hetalia, still am.. But I will not freak out because I'm not addicted. I stood up slowly making sure I didn't wake up Lex. Alice took hold of him and I said goodbye. I walked out the door and made my way to their car.   


"So Alex, tell us about yourself." England said. "Well, my full Alex Rose Annabelle. Some call me Lexi and others call me CC because my pink hair reminds them of cotton candy. I like singing, dancing, animals, and swimming. I used to take gymnastics from the age of five to ten. I've been in the orphanage since I was four and my favorite animals are dogs and cats." I summed up. "Cool, so you know who we are?" America asked.   


"Well of course. One of the main things in the orphanage we would watch is anime. Well, between me, Alice, Savannah, and Haley." I said. "Was that you're little brother?" England asked. "No, he's just like a younger brother. I was the first one Lex opened up to and trusted." I sighe  remembering him. "You miss him already?" America asked.   "Well of course. I spent time with him since he was two. Since I was an only child, I really thought of him as a brother." I shrugged.



Hey guys! So, how's it so far? So much has happened in one little chapter! I'll update as much as possible, I'm writing this on my kindle, so it is extremely hard! Well, hope you like the book!

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