Searching In The Wrong Places

Talia Winters keeps having the same unusual dream. Its always this boy telling Talia to help find HER... but who is this strange girl? Will they find her?
Read to find out!


1. The Dream

      He had flowing white hair. He couldn't have been older than sixteen, but his hair was solid white. Then he spoke, "We have to find her." This was the sixth time I've had this dream, and I was determined to find out who she was. "Who? Who is this girl?" I questioned, hoping I would get an answer.Well I did, but it wasn't the one I wanted, "I will find you in the morning, and then you will know." Wait! I have school in the morning! I was about to say something else when the dream started to fade. I shot up straight in my bed, and looked at my alarm clock and noticed I was almost late for school. 

            I jumped out of my bed and started getting ready. I put on my Cargo pants, and my camouflage T-shirt, with my black combat boots . Then, I grabbed my backpack, with my survival guide book and my army style knife and put it in my bag. When I was done, I headed outside and got on my bi-cycle and rode to school.

         Just by luck, the bell rang after I got in my first period class and sat down. Before the teacher could even begin, the outside wall exploded. Behind the dust cloud, the white haired boy stood with his palms out toward us mumbling something in a strange language that some how seemed familiar... When the dust settled, he walked through the rubble and into the classroom. The he spoke, "I am looking for Talia Winters." I slowly stood to my feet. That's when he looked at me.                                                                                                     "Talia? Who is this guy?" My best friend, Brenda, asked. I was about to say the guy from my dreams, but not only did that sound weird but before I could say anything he answered for me, "My name is Jacobi." Jacobi huh? That's a weird name. Then again so is mine (Talia Isis Winters). "Why are you looking for Talia? What did she do?" My teacher asked. "I cannot tell you." The he turned to me and said, "We must leave. Come follow me outside." And the crazy thing is that I grabbed my backpack, and followed him outside. That's when he said something in that strange language, but somehow my brain translated it into, "Take us to Dadalum." And I said, "Wait what is Dadalum?" But I never got an answer.

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