My Bullysitters

Copyright © "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words really hurt me. Keeping quiet and fake smiles are my specialties. With all the pain you cause me I just want to say I'm done. And oh, congratulations, I guess this means you've won."
All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


1. How It Works.

Katie's P.O.V


I stood in front of his door, unsure as to knock on it or leave. My hands must've had a mind of their own as they gently tapped on the wooden surface.

"Come in, Katie." I heard him say, followed by a slight chuckle.

I opened the door and peeked in only to find him setting down his guitar. I slowly walked up to him, my hands playing with the slightly too long hoodie sleeves.

"You all right?" He asked, placing his hands on my shoulders and leveling his face to mine.

"I actually came to ask you that." I replied.

He smiled before picking me up and setting me on his bed, cuddling me into him.

"Why would you ask that?" He softly grinned.

"Well, I just thought that maybe you were upset about the gig." I said, my voice getting softer with each word.

"You don't need to worry about that. It was their loss. I'll find my place, it's just going to take a little time is all." He said, softly rubbing his thumb over my cheek.


You see, my brother Niall has been everywhere trying to find some place to get his sound out. He's got everything a producer could ever dream of getting. My opinion may be a little biased, being his younger sister, but he's got it all. The look, the voice, the talent, everything. He's in his own little world when he's strumming his guitar and singing out his lyrics. But for some reason, he gets turned down. A lot.

I don't understand it, but then again there are a lot of things I don't understand. Like why my mum and dad died in an explosion, or why Niall is the only family I've ever had, or even why his best mates choose to cause me both physical and emotional pain. To tell Niall would be selfish in my perspective. After being turned down so much, how could I have the nerve to separate him from his friends? It just wouldn't be right.

In all honesty I don't think I'll amount to as much as Niall. He has talent, good looks, charm, brains, wonderful personality, friends, everything I feel I lack. I'll admit I am smart, but not Niall smart. I feel like I'm worthless in comparison to him. He says he loves getting to be the one to look after me, but I feel I'm just holding him back. Though there's no denying how much we love each other. He's the world's greatest brother, and I wouldn't trade him for anything.


"Hey, you start your finals on Monday, right?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I sighed, not looking forward to my terms at all.

"Want me to help you study? We've got all weekend!" He said, now sitting up.

"Um, that's ok. Why don't you focus on finding another gig or something. I can manage by myself."

"Are you serious? I'd rather make sure you pass than chase some silly dream."

"It's not silly!" I burst out. "It's your dream and you're going to live it to the fullest!"

He chuckled before replying. "Alright, settle down. Be that as it may, I'm going to help you first. I dream about you being successful in the future too you know?"

I smiled and hugged him with all I had.

"I love you, Niall."

"I love you too, Katie. Now, what's first on your testing schedule?"

"Monday I take chemistry and world history. Of course my least favorites are all on a Monday." I groaned.

"Well, let's get to it. Maybe if you study hard enough, I'll take you out for dinner." He said, winking at me.

I laughed then said, "You got it!"



"So you divide this coefficient by the sum of these?" I asked, my brain hurting by the confusing and un-needed process.  

"Finally!" He exclaimed, rising from his chair. "Now, try this one." He said, scribbling down yet another formula.

My pencil raced along the paper, putting letters here and numbers there. "Is this right?" I asked, hoping this would end.

Niall responded by raising up his hand, to which I high-fived.

"I'm confident you'll pass." He said, pushing his chair in. I then began to gather up my things.

"So where do you want to eat?" He asked as I began walking up the stairs to put my work in my school bag.

"Where ever you want." I replied. As I zipped up my bag, Niall made his way into my room.

"Well, what sounds good to you then?" He asked.

"Niall, just pick something." I sighed, a small smile beginning to spread across my face.

"How about the little diner down town?"

"Perfect." I said, combing through my messy hair.

"Cool. Is it alright with you if the guys join us? Liam texted me saying we should grab something together tonight."

"Oh, uh, yeah. That's fine." I said, pretending to look for something in my closet.

"Alright, I knew you wouldn't mind." He smiled, hopping off my bed and typing away on his phone.

"But I do." I whispered to myself.

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