My Bullysitters

Copyright © "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words really hurt me. Keeping quiet and fake smiles are my specialties. With all the pain you cause me I just want to say I'm done. And oh, congratulations, I guess this means you've won."
All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


31. Home Sweet Home!

Katie's P.O.V


"Can I leave yet?" I whined as Niall continued to sign endless forms attached to a clipboard.

"For the eighth time now, not yet."

I sat in a blue chair, uncontrollably swinging my legs and tapping my fingers on the arm of the chair.

"How about now?"

"Katie, if you ask again I'm going to leave you here."

"I was just asking." I pouted.

"A lot." He added, mimicking my tone. He then slammed the pen down on the clipboard and smiled. "Now we can go."

"Finally!" I exclaimed, quickly removing myself from the chair.

We thanked the kind lady behind the desk before walking out to the parking lot.

"Ah!" I exclaimed as I breathed in the fresh air. "I never realized how much I missed being outside!"

"Well take it easy." Niall protested, grabbing my arm and stopping me from my run.

"You're no fun." I teased.

"Katie, I'm serious. I want you to take it slow these next few days."

"Fine." I said, clearly annoyed.

"Promise me?"

"Pinky promise." I smiled, holding my pinky out to him.

He grinned as he wrapped his pinky around mine before opening the car door.

"I can't wait to go home." I said as we began cruising down the road.

"And pick up your room." Niall added, smirking at his own joke.

"Yes, mum." I teased, rolling my eyes. "I actually look forward to that just so you know."

"Mhm, whatever." He chuckled, poking me as we approached a stop sign.

"Don't start with me." I said, raising my tone a bit.

He laughed at my reaction as we continued down the street.

"Why didn't we turn?" I asked, now looking at Niall.

"Because we have to go pick up your prescription first."

"You could have just dropped me off."

"Are you really going to complain about a little detour?"

"Maybe." I pouted, looking out the window. I wanted to see rows of houses, not rows of stores.

"See? We're already here. It'll take probably two minutes to get your prescription before we head back towards the house." He stated.

"Can I just wait in the car." I asked.

"Geez." He replied, getting out and walking into the pharmacy.

I felt a little bad as I watched him. I was behaving like a child and obviously annoying Niall. I decided it was best not to point out it took him three minutes when he got back in the car.

"Sorry." I spoke as we began our journey back home.

"It's fine." He chuckled.

I smiled as he easily brushed off my childlike actions. I smiled even bigger as we pulled into our driveway. I nearly forgot to take off my seat belt as I scrambled out of the car. My arms wrapped around Niall in pure happiness for being home.

"We need to talk." He said, walking me in through the front door.

"Um, ok." I said, hoping he didn't want to discuss the therapy issue again.

I wasn't going.

We went up to my room before freezing in the doorway.

"Harry?" I asked as my boyfriend sat on a perfectly neat bed in a spotless room. "Did you do all this?" I asked, looking around in amazement.

"I figured you'd like to come home to this, rather than a mess."

"Thank you." I said, tightly wrapping my arms around his torso.

"It was my pleasure." He smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe you two have things to discuss." He said, walking out.

"Um, yeah." I said, oddly looking at Niall.

"It's nothing major, don't worry." He said, sitting with me on my bed. "I just need to explain a few things about your medication."

"Ok." I said, crossing my legs and giving Niall my undivided attention.

"First off, you need to take these twice a day. One in the morning and one before bed." He said, handing me a bottle.

"What are these for?"

"I believe those are to help get your body strength back. Well, something like that." He said, taking the bottle back and examining it.

"Anyways.." I said, signalling him to continue.

"Right. These you need to take at least once a day."

"And these are for?"

"They're um, anti-depressants."

"Well why do I need to take them?"

"Katie, I'm only telling you what the doctor instructed."

"I'm not depressed." I said firmly.

"And then we have these." He said, completely changing the subject. "I was told to change your bandages twice a day for the next two days." He informed.

"Why?" I asked. It wasn't like my wrists were continually bleeding. Why did my bandages have to be changed so frequently?

"Because these have some sort of medicine in them. It's supposed to help heal your wounds and keep them from getting infected."


"I know it all may seem a bit confusing, but you'll get used to the routine. Starting tomorrow morning you'll take both of these," he held up two separate bottles. "another one of these before bed, and I'll change your bandages every morning and before you go to sleep. Don't worry, I'll help you out." He smiled.

"Thanks, Niall. I'm glad I have you as my brother." I said, giving him a hug.

"And I'm overjoyed having you as a sister."

"Don't over do it." I laughed.

My stomach then sounded, causing Niall to look at me.

"What on earth was that?!"

"The monster living inside my tummy." I giggled.

"Why don't we go get you some real food?" He chuckled.

"Anything beats the hospital's selection."

"The usual?" He asked, walking with me down the stairs before grabbing our jackets.

"Perfect. I never did tell Saul how my exams went."


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