My Bullysitters

Copyright © "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words really hurt me. Keeping quiet and fake smiles are my specialties. With all the pain you cause me I just want to say I'm done. And oh, congratulations, I guess this means you've won."
All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


40. Hard To Love...

Katie's P.O.V


I quickly shoved Niall out of my room, informing him that I wanted to begin packing right away. This caused him to chuckle as he left my room, allowing me my privacy. Little did he know that packing was the last thing on my mind at the moment.

Do I really want to go, or am I  just using this as a way to run from my problem? Harry was the first person I've ever fallen in love with. I fought to be with him, and now one bad blow and I'm just packing my bags to avoid it?

I also don't know if it's good to stay for him though. He's used to using violence when he wants his way, he used to bullying me. How is he just supposed to magically transform out of that? If I stay, would it just be hurting myself, or could I possibly help change his ways?

My phone began to sound and, speak of the devil, it was Harry. No, I won't answer. I can't. I know he'll be begging for forgiveness, making my choice to stay or go even harder.. or possibly easier if it goes his way. I'm to vulnerable to stand my ground right now, my weakness to instantly forgive always blows up in my face in the end. I don't dare touch my phone, only picking it up once to turn my sound off, but other than that, absolutely nothing.

I wander over to my art project, unmasking it as I yank the sheet off of it. I stare at it as I take in the almost finished piece. It was covered in pictures, pictures of me and Harry. I had designed them into the shape of a heart, planning on giving it to Harry once it was done, and I still do. I worked too hard to just throw it away, and being me, I didn't want to leave on bad terms anyway. I printed off pictures that were taken at the dance before arranging them to fit on the canvas.

It was perfect. Unlike Harry and I now.

I then began to think about everything. Believe it or not, the guys (my bullies) happened to be my only friends, and I wanted to spend the remainder of my time with them.

I quickly grabbed my phone, forgetting my silent oath on leaving it alone, and found numerous missed calls. All from Harry. I deleted them before texting Liam, asking him if he wanted to come over. I was happy to hear from him moments later, explaining Niall had invited them all for dinner.

Something tells me Harry will be excluded from this event...

He then sent me another text, congratulating me on Niall's big break, and though I had absolutely nothing to do with that, I thanked him.

I then got out a duffel bag and blindly threw things into it, knowing Niall would question why I shoved him out of my room to pack and then not even have a bag close to ready. After I covered up my art project, which I wouldn't be turning in for a grade now, I decided to get a shower before everyone showed up.


*  *  *


"I love that dress." Niall smiled as I walked downstairs.

"I would hope so, considering you're the one who picked it out." I giggled. I was wearing a simple midnight blue dress Niall had surprised me with a few birthday's ago. "And just when were you planning on telling me the guys were coming over for dinner?"

"Never, because they're not. We're meeting up at our favorite restaurant." He grinned.

"Then what are we waiting for?"

"You! Honestly, if I had given you since yesterday to get ready, you'd still be making us late."

"Fashionably late." I corrected as we headed out the door.

"Fashionably late." Niall laughed, hopping into his car and driving us downtown.

The guys were already inside and seated when we got to the restaurant, Niall blaming me for making us the last to arrive.

"There they are!" Liam exclaimed, jumping from his seat. They all seemed to be in overly happy moods. It must be radiating off of them, because an instant feeling of happiness drafts over me.

"Liam!" I squeal when two arms are tightly wrapped around me. I then feel myself lifted out of the air as he twirls me around. "Liam, calm down." I manage to get out with a laugh.

"How can I calm down when my best friends are about to go on tour! It's too incredible to keep calm!" He chuckled, along with the rest of us.

We finally settle down and order, now carrying along with conversations of Niall's achievement.

"Niall, I need change." I spoke, not able to contain the urge of song searching any longer.

"I think that's a new record." He teased. "Undoubtedly the longest you've gone before asking."

"Change." I repeated, standing up and holding out my palm.

"Here." He chuckled, plopping the desired coins into my hands.

I scurried off to the jukebox to pick a song, and I already knew what I wanted to hear.

'Sunglasses At Night' by Corey Hart!

As I flipped through the records in search of my song selection, a bell sounded, signalling someone had walked in.

"Harry!" I heard Louis shout in excitement.

I spun around to see he was truly there, a look of confusion and betrayal plastered across his face. Everyone went silent, and Louis returned to his seat, unaware on why no one was excited to see the curly haired boy.

He turned to face me, his green eyes piercing into my blue ones.

"Katie." He said, taking a step forward.

And that was all it took.

I bolted to the back and into the girls restroom, locking myself in a stall with tears springing from my eyes. How stupid I must have just looked, running away in tears from some stupid boy I shouldn't even feel this way about!

"Why do you make me love you?!" I cried out, angry at myself for allowing the words to go free. I didn't want to hate him, but I didn't really want to love him. Can anyone relate to my dilemma?! Because I feel more than alone right now.

The bathroom door opened and the sound of footsteps were hard to miss. Two familiar green Nike high tops stopped right in front of the stall I occupied.

"Get out, Niall. This is the girls restroom." I sniffled.

"I told him it were better if he left, he's gone now. Will you please come out?"

"When I'm ready."

"I can wait all night." He spoke, never moving a step from my stall.

I sighed and unlatched the lock, removing myself from the enclosed space. Niall and I silently walked back to our table, the others being just as quiet. I could tell Niall had told them everything, the awkward silence now replacing the laughing and cheers of excitement.

"How's your burger?" I asked Zayn, trying to make small talk.


His single worded answer was enough for me to sigh out once again. Could it be possible to just rewind back to when we were all cheering and Liam was spinning me like there was no tomorrow?

"So I was thinking," I said, still attempting to get this night back on track. "that maybe we could all hang out until Niall and I have to go."

"You want to hang out with us?" Louis questioned, a smirk already forming on his lips.

"Well if you insist." I said dramatically, causing everyone to laugh.

"We'd love to." Liam stated, speaking for all of them.

After sharing a few more laughs, followed by celebratory deserts, Niall and I finally made it through the door of our home.

"I really am proud of you, Ni." I smiled, wrapping my arms around him."

"And I'm proud of you."

"For what?" I asked, staring at him oddly.

"For being you." He smiled. "I wouldn't do a single thing to change you."

"Thanks, Niall." I smiled, leaving me wishing I felt the same about myself.

I'm sure I could find a lot to change about myself...


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