My Bullysitters

Copyright © "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words really hurt me. Keeping quiet and fake smiles are my specialties. With all the pain you cause me I just want to say I'm done. And oh, congratulations, I guess this means you've won."
All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


10. Crossing The Line!

Katie's P.O.V


My eyes immediately shot open, my ears lacking the sound of Niall's voice. I must have fallen asleep upon listening to my IPod, to which I happened to be having difficulty finding.

I stripped the blankets from my bed, hoping to find it mixed up in all the bedding. When I had searched every inch of my room I bolted down the stairs, tears in my eyes.

"Whoa, where's the fire love?" Harry chuckled as I bumped into him at the bottom of the stairs.

"I-my-I." My mouth couldn't form the words, I was basically a hysterical mess.

"For Christ's sake, spit it out!" He hollered.

"My IPod." I finally said. "It's gone."

"Purple case?" He questioned.

My eyes narrowed as he correctly guessed the color of it's protective enclosure.

"What did you do with it?!" I yelled, tears now running down my cheeks.

"What did Liam tell you about shouting at us?!" He yelled, pushing me against the wall.

"I'm sorry." I said, now in a calmer tone. "Please, just give me my IPod back." I asked.

He then rolled his eyes before taking hold of my still injured wrists and leading me into the living room.

"Liam." He said, bringing me right up to him. "She has something to say to you." He smirked before joining the boys on an opposite couch.

"Yes love?" He asked, grinning.

At first, I didn't really know what to say, but when I saw what was in his hands, I basically exploded.

"What is wrong with you guys?! If it's not bad enough that you bully me constantly and invade my own home causing me to feel like a stranger in it, but to take my IPod is where I draw the line!"

All the boys stared at me, eyes wider than the moon itself. Liam then stood up, his height towering over me.

"Someone's quite brave." He smirked. "But I don't like your tone." He said, resting his hands on my shoulders. I immediately shoved them away.

"Why do you all hate me so much?!" I wailed, letting the tears fall as they pleased, knowing there was no stopping them even if I wanted to. "I just want to know what I've done! What I did that made you all want to treat me like this! I don't understand why you love Niall so much, but hate me! Nothing seems-"

I was then hit upon the back of my head, everything instantly going black. The desperation of retrieving my IPod was the last thing that flickered through my mind.


Liam's P.O.V


I watched as Zayn hit her on the back of her head, immediately falling to the couch.

"Sorry mate, but her whiny voice was making my head want to explode." He remarked, his fingers rubbing his temples in annoyance.

"All that over a stupid IPod." I spat, staring at her now slumbered body. "Harry, can you take her up to her room?"

"Yeah." He replied, scooping her up into his arms before disappearing to the stairs.


Harry's P.O.V


I laid her on her bed and looked at her, smiling as I watched her sleep. I chuckled silently as I watched her fingers twitch every so often.

"I miss how things used to be." I whispered, now crouched beside her bed. "I miss 'us'."

I sighed, trying to remember what went wrong. We were the best of friends up until high school, after that, everything changed. I squint my eyebrows together, trying to remember what I had so badly wanted to forget.

Then it hit me, crashing down like a load of bricks. I stood up and quickly walked out, not wanting to look at her anymore. Not wanting to remember.

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