Blood Lust - Sequel

* You should read the first book to understand this one =) * So there are the same characters as before, but they all have girlfriends now. ( Don't worry, I'll post everyone in the first chapter ). Harry and Casey are is in love as ever before, but what happens when an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture ? Will it tear Harry and Casey apart, or make their love stronger ? It's your choice.


7. Through the looking glass part 2

Harry's P.O.V.

         What the hell is she doing here ?! Can't she get it through her puny psychotic little head that I don't love her ? She's an idiot ! And to make it worse Lizzie told Casey that she should kill her before this " sacrifice " happens. What's going on ?? " Harry. " Casey whispered still in hysteria. " What is it love ? " I answered her. She looked at me and came closer. " That vision was beautiful. I'm sorry to do this but she NEEDS to die. " She whispered and then she snapped my neck.

Casey's P.O.V.

         I hope everything's going okay outside of my head. I can't really see anything, Lizzie's blocking me out. But I can still hear, I heard a snap. " Lizzie what was that ?! " I asked. She ignored me and we kept going. " Lizzie you tell me who that was right now. " I order her. She sighs. " He'll wake up in a few hours. " She whispered. " Who ? Lizzie tell me ! I won't be mad ! " I tried to persuade her. Thank goodness she listened.

         " I snapped Harry's neck 'cause he tried to stop me from saving you guys. " She said. I understand and if I was in her position I would've done the same thing. I know Harry will be fine. " It's okay. I trust you. " I told her. I could feel her smile. " Kill her. " I said.

Harry's P.O.V.

       She snapped my neck ! Lizzie snapped my neck ! I should've known what was coming ! I've seen it in her thoughts as an idea, I didn't think she'd really do it ! I look around. I'm in a dark place. I get up and start walking around. I think I'm in a woods. I hear something running towards me. I get down low and wait for them to pass by. " Harry ? " They asked. I slowly reveal myself. " Who are you ? What do you want ? " I asked them.

       " Do you really not remember who I am ? " They asked hurt. Wait, I know that voice. " Mum ? " I whispered.

Lizzie's P.O.V.

        I made my way towards Haley cautiously and she turned around to face me and smiled. " Well well. So you're the waste of space he's been entertaining himself with while I was away. " She scoffed at me. " And you're the one everyone's been telling me is the psycho slut to stay away from. " She glared at me.

        " And who said that  ? " She challenged. I smiled. " Harry. " She glared again. " I doubt that. " She chuckled. I looked at her innocently. " Actually he already dug your grave, yeah it's waiting for you in the cemetery. Don't believe me ? I'll take you there myself. " I told her. She started to get mad. " That's it ! I came here to do two things ad two things only. Number one, kill you. Number two, take back my Harry. " She threatened me. I chuckled. " Sweetie he will NEVER be your Harry. " I said in a low voice. Then she lunged at me.

Harry's P.O.V.

       " I don't understand. " I whispered. She looked at me with bright, hopeful eyes and smiled sweetly. " How are you here ? " I asked. She took my hand in hers. " Sweetie you're on the other side. The first step into the afterlife. " She smiled. I looked at her horrified. " No ! I can't go into the afterlife ! No ! Mother please, send me back ! " I pleaded. She looked saddened.

        " But honey, you're already dead. That's why I'm here. I was sent to come get you. " I shook my head. " No. I have Casey to take care of. I have a future daughter ! I love them ! I need them ! Casey won't be able to live without me, she'll kill herself ! " I yelled at my mother. She looked at me apologetically. " You can't go back. " I fell to the ground on my knees with tears streaming down my face.

Casey's P.O.V.

         I don't know how long I've been stuck in here but I hope that Harry's okay. I hope that everyone's okay. " Lizzie let me out. I can take care of her now. " I told her calmly. I'm about to lose control. " No. I almost have her. She's cracking. " She says excitedly. I sigh angrily. Then I feel the power. It's boiling and moving up inside me. I scream a very deadly scream and feel Lizzie get dizzy. Am I overriding her ? " Stop. " She says. " No. Let me out. " I order her. I do it again and finally break free. I'm in full control of myself now. I smile in victory. I didn't feel Lizzie anymore. It must of made her really weak.

        I look around the house. This place is trashed ! Did I do all this ? Haley comes charging at me. " Say goodbye. " I tell her. Then I pin her to the ground and slit her throat. And to make sure she doesn't come back I rip out her heart and burn all the pieces. I gasped. I've never done that before. I did it without thinking, like I almost don't  remember it.

        I ran to go find the other boys and Harry. I see Niall on the porch. " Niall ! Where is everyone ? I can't find Harry. " I tell him. He looks sad. " They're all in our safe house... They were afraid of you, and there's something you should know about Harry. " He trails off, looking away from me.

       " Niall what has happened ? " I ask sternly. Tears fall down his face. " Harry's not waking up. " I gasp. We race through the woods until Niall stops at the safe house. I run inside and go to where ever I hear crying. " Harry. " I whisper. Everyone's heads snap in my direction.

      " Ems what's going on ? Please. I need to know that he'll be okay. " I start to cry. I crawled over to his side and held his hand. I stroke his face. He feels hot. " Please. " I ask him. " We'll give you some time. We don't think he's coming back this time. " Zayn whispers. I snap on him harshly, maybe a bit too harshly than I intended. " How could you say that ? How could you give up so easily on him ? He'd fight for you and you just leave him ? Have a little faith. " I tell him.

        " Sweetheart I didn't mean - " I cut him off. " No. Just go. I'll call you guys up if anything happens. Please, just leave us alone. " I tell everyone. Zayn sighs and everyone nods and goes back downstairs. " I know you're coming back. I won't leave you anytime soon. Come back to me. " I tell him.

Harry's P.O.V.

        " Come back to me. " Casey's voice echoes through this place. " I'm trying," I whisper. Mother knows a way out of here, I know she does. She's just not telling me. " Mum do you know a way back ? " I ask her. She shakes her head no. That means she's lying. She never speaks when lies. I decide to read her mind. She doesn't know I can do that. She died when I was human.

- Inside Harry's Mum's Mind -

            Poor lad. If only he knew. The only way he can go back is if Casey knows how to do her last power: giving the breath of life. But I finally have my baby back. I won't let her take him away from me again.

         I snapped out of her thoughts and glared at her. " I'm going back to her. Whether you like it or not. " I snap at her. She looks raged. " No. Do you know how long I've waited to see you ? How long I've waited to hold you again ? It breaks my heart. " She cried.

        " Do you know what breaks my heart mother ? The fact that you already had your chance at love and you won't let me have mine. All because you're too selfish to let me go back to my baby, and future daughter. That she'll grow up without a father because you won't let me go. " I chocked up at the last part.

        " Harry I just want h=what's best for you. " She pleaded. " If you want what's best for me then you'll let me go. I tell her. Tears fall down her face and she sighed. " Alright. I'll let you go. I love you. " She whispered. " I love you to, Mum. I'll be back for you, don't worry. " I tell her, wrapping her in a hug.

           I felt weight being lifted off of my chest as I opened my eyes and gasped. I look at Casey and smile. " Casey. " I whisper and grip her hand as tight as I could. " Harry. " She breathes and jumps on top of me like a toddler. " Boys ! Boys ! He's awake ! I told he'd come back ! " She shouts joyfully.

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