Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


21. The Concert To End All Concerts

"This is pretty much the most powerful performance that can be performed." I say, smiling at everyone and adjusting my dress.

"I know, it is really cool." Louis says and I smile.

"I love that I get to perform with you, all of you." Ed says and I hug him and then we all get in a huge group hug.

"I know we haven't known each other for very long but, I love you guys like a family." I say and a couple people get tears in their eyes. "You have all made my dream come true. I would say, I am at the top." I say and everyone smiles and I start crying.

"You will one day be number one in turdy seven countries." Niall says and I laugh and I wipe my tears.

"You guys ready?" The sound guy asks and I nod and we all grab our microphones. We all walk onstage and the crowd instantly starts screaming and I smile and wave at them.

"Hello, we're Crazy Mofos, One Direction, and Ed Sheeran." We all say and I smile.

"It's an honor for me to get to perform with my two best friends and this powerful group and this powerful singer." I say, pointing to Ed and the lads. "This is going to be a pretty powerful performance. To me, at least, since I am singing with my idols. So I hope you enjoy this song that we put together, there's only one but we have been working on putting all of our songs together and then mashing them up and singing it. Do you guys want to hear it? Then we will sing our new song." I say and everyone starts cheering and I smile at everyone and we start singing the mashed up version of Live While We're Young/Party It Up/You Need Me, I Don't Need You.

Everyone is singing the songs they know and it actually sounds really cool, I smile and I start jumping around because this is a very happy, energetic mash. I run into Louis and I almost bust out laughing because he makes this weird face and I bite my lip and then I keep singing. We all end the song on high notes which is hard for some of the guys so they stay down low and then we all grab hands and bow and everyone is cheering and I am smiling. This is great.

"Here is our song. We wanted it to send a message to our fans. We wanted you guys to know, not to give up on your dreams. My dream was to be a singer, to get to the top of the 'food chain' and I think I am close enough since I am doing this concert right now. Our song is called Never Give Up, Always Believe. You might think it's kind of cheesy but it sends a real message to everybody, so we hope you like it." I say and I look at Ed, Louis, and then Niall and I nod and they begin to play their guitars. I look at the girls and I smile because I decided I wanted Shyann on stage with us so we let her sing with us. We start singing on our cue and then the guys start singing and I smile to myself since they have really low voices and it sounds really good. I tap my foot and nod my head and I smile and I look out at the crowd and I see signs and I see shirts but one sign that caught my eye almost made me cry. It said: YOU AREN'T WORTH SINGING WITH THEM, YOU ARE THE REASON YOUR PARENTS DIED.

I put my hand on my chest and I look at everyone and they are looking out and a few find the poster and they tense up. I walk over and I put my hand on their shoulders and I smile and I keep walking to everyone. This is pretty much the concert to end concerts, nothing should it up, nobody either. We finish the song and I smile.

"To the person with the poster that says: YOU AREN'T WORTH SINGING WITH THEM, YOU ARE THE REASON YOUR PARENTS DIED. I understand that's your opinion but this is her dream and her parents are probably happy to see her be this far and to succeed at her dream. She isn't the reason her parents died. Christy is the nicest girl you could ever meet. That is why I love her." Louis says and I look at him and he is smiling at me. I run over to him and I jump into his arms.

"I love you too." I say and everyone says 'aw' and I laugh and I kiss him. This is my dream.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked the ending of this story. I now have a Marcel/Harry story, it's called Styles Brothers! :) Thanks for reading this!! -Doug the Girl/StyPayHorLikSon

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