Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


9. Going Back

I am sitting in the middle of my living room when my cell phone rings. Someone actually grabs it out of my back pocket, I turn and it's Alexis.

"Woman step off." I say and I grab my phone and I answer it. "Yeller?" I ask and everyone looks at me and I bite my lip so I don't laugh.

"Christy from the Crazy Mofos?" The person asks.

"Yes." I say and I go to sit on the couch but I end up sitting on someone's lap I turn and it's Louis' but I just listen.

"We would like you and Alexis and Garriyn to come in." The person says.

"Who is this?" I ask and Louis starts poking my back.

"Demi Lovato from X-Factor." She says and my heart stops.

"Ok we will be there." I say and I hang up and I get up and I look at Alexis and Garriyn and then the guys. "THEY WANT US BACK AT THE X-FACTOR!!" I scream and they start screaming too. The lads pick us up and they take us to the car and we get in and they drive us there and I keep humming, I do that when I am nervous. We show up and we all get out and we go in.

"Hey girls." Demi says and the lads smile at her.

"What did you need us for?" I ask, smiling at her and she grins at us.

"We would like you to go to the semi finals." She says and we look at each other and we start screaming. We hug her and we almost knock her down. The lads pried us off of her and she just laughs. "Come back tomorrow." She says and we nod and we go home.

"We need to figure out what we are going to sing for them now." Garriyn says and I nod and I start to think.

"I am pretty good at remixing things what is your guys' favorite songs? Mine is Still Into You by Paramore." I say and I look at the girls.

"Clarity." Alexis says and I nod.

"Cup Song." Garriyn says and I nod.

"Challenge accepted." I say and everyone starts laughing. "What?" I ask but they just shake their heads.

Authors Note

As they say in my favorite movie let's remix this business!! Love you people -Doug the girl;)

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