Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


4. Concert!!!

I call Garriyn and Alexis on a three way chat and they ask what's up.

"I GOT 4 BACKSTAGE PASSES AND TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTION TONIGHT!!" I yell and they start screaming and so do I. "Get on your 1D clothes and come over as fast as you can." I say ad they say ok and I hang up and I change into my clothes that say Directioner everywhere and I go downstairs and Shyann is sitting on the couch.

"Hey, you ready for the concert?" She says, getting up and turning around.

"Yeah and I have an extra ticket, do you want to-" I start to say but she starts screaming.

"YES PLEASE!" She says and I smile and I hand her, her ticket. The doorbell rings just as Shyann is going upstairs to change. I answer it and Alexis and Garriyn are standing there in their Directioner clothes and I smile and they come in and we wait for Shyann. She comes down about 10 minutes later and then she drives us to the concert.

Skipping Car Ride

We pull up to the concert and we just stare and I start bouncing and she parks the car and I jump out and I sprint to the front door. The girls come running up to me and we stand in line until we get to the place where we give them our tickets and I show him mine and my backstage pass and he nods. We get escorted backstage and I gasp because I see the lads.

"Is that really them?" Alexis asks and I nod and we walk up to them and they look at us.

"Hi, we're One Direction." They say at the same time and we grin at each other.

"Hello, we're Directioners." Us girls say at the same time and they grin at us and I wink.

"So you have backstage passes?" Harry asks, standing up in front of me.

"Nope we got in because we had a unicorn." I say with a straight face and he laughs.

"Nice." He says and I giggle.

"She is the jokester of our little group." Garriyn says, looking at him and he smiles.

"Hello love what is your name?" Harry asks her and she blushes.

"I'm Garriyn, Christy is the jokester, Shyann is Christy's sister, and Alexis is the nerd." She says and he smiles.

"Seriously?!" Alexis says and I start laughing.

"You guys are crazy, crazy mofos." Niall says and we laugh.

"We are actually singers too just not Shyann." I say and she nods.

"Oh really, let's hear you. Sing Live While We're Young." He says and I shrug and we start singing.

"I think they sound better than we do." Zayn says and we smile.

"Guys time to go on." The guy says and they shrug and they go on stage. We go to the inside of the curtain and we listen to them.

"Well everybody, we just met a group of girls, who are really good singers. Christy, Garriyn, Alexis, come out here." Zayn says and we get pushed out.

"They can sing our songs almost better than us so let's let them sing our song Live While We're Young and then we can join together." Harry says and the crowd cheers and we are handed earpieces and microphones and we start singing LWWY. After we finish the crowd cheers really loud and we smile and wave.

"Together now." Liam says and we start singing together and we sound really weird but really good. We wave and we run offstage and everyone cheers and the lads go on with their concert and they come backstage.

"Thanks for the boost, we are planning on going onto the X Factor, this will help." I say and they smile. We get their autographs and get pictures taken and we get to hug them and we hang out with them for a while and then we have to go. All I have to say is, this was the best night of my life!

We get home and we all pull out our signed posters and we see their names and something below it. I look closer and I figure out it's their numbers.

"WE GOT ONE DIRECTION'S PHONE NUMBER!" I yell and we all instantly put them into our phones and we jump up and down. BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

Authors Note

Hey how was this chapter? I hope you liked it.

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