Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


5. Best Text Ever?

I text the number off the poster of Louis and I said this:

Hey is this Louis Tomlinson?

I immediately get a text back.

No my name is Jonny but I heard of him, he is from that boy band One Direction, right?

I sigh and I don't answer and I text the number off of Liam's poster.

Me: Is this Liam?

I immediately get a response.

No this is Leeroy but Liam is per-fect.

I start losing hope but I keep trying.

Me: Is this Niall?

Person: No this is Harvey but I love the One Direction!

Me: Is this Zayn?

Person: No this is Veronica.

Me: Is this Harry Styles?

Person: No, This is Marcel but he and the rest of One Direction are as cute as buttons!!

I sigh and I look at Alexis and Garriyn and they are smiling.

"What?" I ask and they look up.

"Harvey is my man!" Alexis says.

"Marcel is my geek." Garriyn says and I laugh.

"Oh I just realized this is from the Best Song Ever." I say and I text them all back.

You all have dirty mouths!

I get a text back from them all saying:

But you want to kiss us like you mean it!

I laugh and I text back:

Not in your wildest dreams!

Authors Note

Sorry for the short chapter but I just wanted a chapter with THE BEST SONG IN THE WORLD, BEST SONG EVER!!!

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