The Contest

Just a regualr girl who fangirled over her idol one day entered a contest to hangout with Justin Bieber for a day. And who knew that contest could of changed her whole life.


5. jealousy

*Kristens POV*

I should be happy for her right? Like yah I wanted to win but she is a huge fan and she is my best friend. She wouldn't be mad at me if I would have won right? Ugh just I don't now. I don't know what to think. 

Just whatever I won't let it get to me because I'll see her on Sunday. And she is my ride to the concert so I can't just ignore her and be mad at her. 

She knows I am a huge fan anyways so maybe she will help me get a follow or something from him.

I just cannot let this jealousy ruin our friendship or anything.

Whatever I'll just be happy for her. Who cares I knew I wasn't going to win anyways.




*okay sorry guys that was short . I just wanted to let you know how Kristen felt. okay ok*

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