The Contest

Just a regualr girl who fangirled over her idol one day entered a contest to hangout with Justin Bieber for a day. And who knew that contest could of changed her whole life.


3. is this real life

It was now Friday and I noticed I slept in till about 11:30 in the afternoon. Which I was okay with because I then knew I wouldn’t get all worried about the contest. And I also then only had to wait thirty minutes for the results.

So I walked downstairs and go grab something to eat.

Looking through the freezer, fridge, and pantry I don’t really know if I should eat breakfast food or lunch food because it was so close to lunchtime yet I just woke up. So I just decided to eat some frozen pancakes that were in the freezer no longer caring because I was starving.

“Goodmorning sweetie” my mom said to me while smiling “How are you this morning, you look a little nervous”

“I’m fine mom, just I find out if I win the contest or not in about twenty minutes and I just really want to win”

“Oh okay hunny well I hope you win”

“Mom, um I also have something else on my mind”

“What is it sweetie?” she walked towards me sounding concerned.

“Just the contest is only for one and you know how much I love Justin he is my idol, and just what if I went and Kristen doesn’t. I don’t want her to be mad at me. We are best friends for crying out loud.”

“to be honest with you, she probably will be mad at you, but I think she will eventually get over it and hope that you are happy”

“Okay mom thank you” I smiled “I just really hope I win”

“I hope you win too now hurry up and finish eating it’s almost noon”

I quickly ate the rest of my food and walked upstairs as it was now 11:59!

As I walked into my room it was now noon and I just refreshed my email like no other. I refreshed it like every second.

Soon seeing no new emails I started to lose hope. I had a feeling that I lost. I felt tears starting to roll down my face as soon as my phone rang it was some number I didn’t even know.

“Hello?” I lightly said in a confused way as I had no clue who I was talking to.

“Hi. Is this Darby Jones?” a very familiar voice had asked.

My heart started racing. It this is the call? Are they telling me I won? Oh please tell me I won.

“Yes it is, may I ask who I am speaking to”

“Well this is Justin Bieber and I decided to call you and tell you that you won the contest!! We will be hanging out all day tomorrow!”

I screamed and dropped my phone! I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know what to say. I felt like this was all just some dream. is this is this 

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