The Contest

Just a regualr girl who fangirled over her idol one day entered a contest to hangout with Justin Bieber for a day. And who knew that contest could of changed her whole life.


2. entering the contest

Kristen and I soon arrived at Panera just discussing about everything all the drama and even the stupid things TMZ has been saying about Justin. We honestly hated TMZ they were just full of complete lies.

“They need to just leave the poor kid alone,” Kristen said “they only notice the bad things Justin does, and like they aren’t even bad. He does the same thing as any other boy his age would be doing!”

“Yah I know they don’t notice any of the things Justin does to give back.” I sighed. “Whatever we should probably head back now so we don’t get in trouble with our parents for being late or anything”

“Yah good idea.” Kristen said as we walked to throw our stuff away and out the door.

We then both got into the car and I drove Kristen home.

“Bye,” she said “thanks for taking me to and from lunch I will call you tonight or something!”

I just waved and then reversed out of the driving. Heading home as fast as I could.

I had to win this contest. Meeting Justin is my dream. And spending a whole day with him would just be amazing. I feel like we would do so much, have so much fun.

“No Darby Stop” the little voice demanded in my head “Don’t get yourself too worked up or excited about this you probably won’t even win”

As much as I didn’t want to listen I knew that was probably true. I had never won a contest before and I really did not want to get up hopes up so they could be crushed later when I found out I didn’t win.

So I finally pulled into my driveway parking my car and taking my keys out of the ignition. Once I did that I quickly ran into my room, opened up my laptop, and turned it on.

Thank god my parents were not home or I probably would have gotten in trouble for just running into my room like that without saying hello.

“Ugh hurry up and turn on stupid computer” I grunted.

My computer finally turned on and I went to and clicked on the contest tab.

It said to just enter in my email, cell phone number, and give a great explanation on why I deserve to win.

So I did this taking my time on thinking of an amazing reason why I deserve to meet him. This is my dream, I’ve been waiting for something like this.

Once I clicked ‘Done’ that was it. A message popped up that said ‘We will pick the winner on Friday at noon. You will receive an email and a phone call shortly. Remember this contest is only for one winner.’

“Oh gosh” I said to myself in a worried tone.

All I could think about is what if I was the one to win and not Kristen. She would be totally upset with me. Or would she not? I don’t know. I just wouldn’t want my best friend to be mad at me. But if she won I guess I would be mad and totally upset, but I would soon get over it hoping that she would have the best time of her life.

So many thoughts just went through my mind and I really did not know how to feel.

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