The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


6. chapter 4

Macy pov:
Bella and I was drunk and dancing and then all went black. I woke up in a room I don't remember and felt arms around my stomach and looked back it was Aston. I got up slowly and got my shoes and got in my car. I looked at my phone and saw it was 2:00pm and text Bella 'where are you?'
Bella pov: 
I got up to see I was at Michael's house. I looked at my phone and saw a message from Macy 'Where are you?'I text back 'coming to your flat tell you there' I got to the house and she must have just got there too. Her makeup was all over her face with her hair all messy. I bet I looked the same way. "Hey looks like you were somewhere to. so where were you?" i said in a smarty tone. "Well, I stayed with Ashton. Nothing happened we just cuddled." She said as blush was on her cheeks. I said " Me too! The same I didn't you know." "Yea I know." She said. I stayed there and we watched movies and talked about stuff. "Hey has Michael asked you out?" She asked while I looked at my finger nails and said "No." I said in a sad why. Then she said "i can talk-" "No! don't just let him ask I don't want to push." i said rushing to stop her. Then we heard a ding it was her phone. A text from Ashton was there ' Hey you left so fast! Well, I wanted to know if Monday at 6:00pm is okay for our date?' She smiled as i bumped her "What!" She screamed. "Text him back!" I said looking at the phone. "Okay but I need to get a bathing suit." She said looking at me. I said back in a funny way "Well get cleaned up and lets go!"

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