The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


4. Chapter 2

Bella and I went shopping for hours! while we where there she made me text Ashton and say ' Is Michael coming my friend wants to meet him.' He said back ' Yea he is, she can meet him. So are you coming?' I looked at Bella and she gave me the evil eye. I never really wanted to go to the party but if I want to meet Ash i had to. I text back ' Yea can't wait.' Bella smiled and we got up after lunch and went to walk to our cars. "Are you coming to my flat?" i asked. "Yea i am going to follow you there." she said back. When we got to my house we started doing our makeup, hair, and got dressed. The party started at 10:00 pm. Its 9:30 om. " Crap!" I said running to the door. "What?" she looked at the clock and did the same. It takes 30 min. to get there. With the traffic and stop lights we were going to be late. Well, who cares. We got into the car and I drove. We got to the biggest house on the street. i took a deep breath and looked over to Bella who was jumping out of the car. "Wait, Wait Bella don't leave me!" I said catching up to her. We walked in, the music was so loud. I looked around and his and my eyes meet he started to walk over. I could feel and lump in y throat as he walked. Mean while I looked over and see Bella talking to Michael already. As he got closer and closer I started to shake


the first outfit is Macy's and the 2nd is Bella's

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