The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


20. Chapter 16

Chapter 16:
Bella's pov:
Michael was so happy to see me. I just can't believe Ashton! I tried  to text Macy but she didn't answer. Ashton left to see Macy but I know she doesn't want to see him. We hung out for a while. Then Ashton came back. "Hey mate how did it go?" Calum asked. "Not good , I think we are breaking up" He said with a frown on his face. "Come on Ashton I don't think that will happen." I said looking back at him. "I think it will Bella she told me it was over and to get out." He said to me. "Well I will talk to her when I go to the hotel, but why did you kiss her any way?" I said back. He said back "I didn't it was a crazy fan! she wouldn't let me explain!" I nodded and started talking to Michael. He said he was so glad I came because he missed me so much. I kinda felt sad for Macy. I know if i saw Michael do that I would be mad to. I talked with the boys more and needed to leave. I kissed Michael as he said goodbye while I was getting into the taxi. I got to the hotel and went up to Macy's room and knock on her door she didn't answer. She must be asleep. So I went back to my room and went to sleep. 
Macy's pov:
After I told Ashton that he left. I packed my stuff and checked out of the hotel. I went to the airport and waited for the next fight back home to come. I got on the plane and was heading home. 
Ashton's pov:
I went back to the hotel in the morning. I went to the room Macy was in and knocked and knocked. Then I went to Bella's. I can't lose Macy. "Hey Ashton! What are you doing here?" Bella said. "Do you know where Macy is? I went to the room and she didn't answer." I said back. "No I haven't talked to her since the show ." She said after that I ran down to the lobby. "Do you know what room Macy Wilkerson is?" I asked nicely. "She left last night sir." The girl said back. I felt my heart sink. 
1 week later. Still Ashton's pov:
It  has been a week since she left. I still haven't heard from her. Bella has stayed here with Michael because it is summer now. They are having so much fun. I wish that was me and Macy. I always do something wrong. Bella still hasn't talked to Macy. It's like she blocked everyone out of her life. Calum has even tried. I have been so tired lately from all the gigs. After on Concert Luke asked me "Any lucky Ash?" Calum punched him in the arm. "No Luke I haven't talked to her." I said. Michael then said "Bye mates me and Bella are going out to eat." "Okay." Calum, Luke, and me said back. I went to bed trying to not think of the fact that I missed Macy.
Michael's pov:
Bella and I went to a really nice place to eat. I held her hand across the table. "Hey Bella?" I said. "Yea." She said back. I said back " I am really glad you came to see me." "Me too!" She said back. I couldn't help but think about Ash and Mace. They always have been fighting. "Hey Bella sorry to bring this up on our date, but what about Ash and Macy. Do you think they will get back together?" I asked with a worried look on my face. "I don't know Michael, they have never  acted like this before. They always make up the next day." She said looking at our hands. "Well I think they will because it is getting to Ashton." I said. "But lets not talk about it because it is sad." I said back laughing. We both talked and laughed and had a great time.
Ashton's pov: 
I get up in the morning and make myself some breakfast and drink coffee. I have 2 days off to do what I want to do. I really want to see Macy! So I decided to see her. I went to tell the rest of the boys and Bella. "Hey, I am going to see Macy. I am about to leave for  the airport." I said to them. They all had a smile on their faces as they said "Okay ,go." I packed my bag and went to the airport. I got on the plane and sat thinking this is it I am going to have her back. It felt like the longest fight I been in. I got a taxi and went
to Macy's house. I got there and her mum answered the door. "Is Macy here?" I asked. "Yep  up stairs." She said.
Macy's pov:
It's been weeks since I have talked to Ashton, Calum, and Bella. I have a job at a fashion place. It is so fun helping people pick out the perfect outfit for an  event. I also been hanging out with Brooke. I was at home in my room when I herd someone knock on my door. It must be my mum. I said "Come in!" When the door opened it was Ashton. "Ashton what are you doing?" I said as he dropped his bags coming to me for a hug. I pushed him away. "Macy I missed you so much." He said. "Just let me explain-" He said as I cut him off. " You don't have to-" I said but then he cut me off. "Okay Macy listen to me! It was a fan who kissed me. I didn't kiss her!" Ashton said as he looked at me. I then said "Ashton I Just don't know if we should get-" "Macy yea we do. I miss you so much! Please come back to see Bella the boys and me." He said, I nodded. Then went down stairs to tell my mom that I was going back on the tour. I still have a bad feeling about it but I did miss him too.

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