The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


17. Chapter 14

Macy's pov: 
We drove to my house and ran up stairs. I put my head on Ash. chest . He took my hand and started to play with it looking at how big his was to mine. Then he asked "Mace. I wanted to ask you if we could go on a date tom.?" "Yea that sounds great!" I said back "Okay I was thinking we could go to the movies then to the park." He said. "Yea that sounds great!" We sat there and talked. The next day I went to school and detention. Then I went home did my hair, makeup, and got dressed.I went down stairs and Ash. was already there.He grabbed my hand and we left. We came to the movies and held hands. It was a scary movie so when I got scared he would hold me close. After the movie we got into his car. "I thought we were going to the park?" I asked. "No I am doing something else." He said back. We came to a empty field and a blanket was in the middle of the field. We sat and looked at the stars. He played with my hair as he talked to me. I looked up at him. I started to fall asleep until Ash. said "Mace wake up lets get you home. He took he home and came into my room. I asked "Are you staying tonight?" "Yea if that's alright?" He said back. I got dressed in my PJ's and he was already in the bed. I was on the side of the bed i always sleep on. The his arms rapped around me and pulls me closer. He gives me a kiss and says "Good night." "Good night." I said back.
Macy's outfit for the date-
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