The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


15. Chapter 12

Ashton's pov:
I looked at her. What has gotten into her? I said back to her " Babe no, I really like you-" Then we heard her mom "Dinners ready!" Macy wiped under her eyes to get off the tear. She ran down stairs with out me and I was left up there. I then came down and sat beside Macy. Dinner was so awkward no one said any thing. I tried to hold her hand but she pushed it away. After it was over I left and Macy didn't even say bye. I got into the car and drove really fast home. When I got home I went to where my drums where. I played them and sang to get out my anger. Then went to bed with no texts or calls from her.
Bella's pov:
I woke up and felt really bad. I sat in bed and couldn't get out of the bed. My dad came in and said "Are you okay?" "No I feel really bad. I think I am staying home." I said back he said back "Okay i am going to work. I am going to leave the door unlocked." I nodded and he left. Michael text me to ask where I am. I told him I I was sick. He sent really sweet texts. I fell asleep until I felt someone arms around me. It was Michael. "Hey babe I brought you soup and water." He said as he kissed my cheek. I sat on my bed as he gave me the soup. "Come on you have to eat." He said as he held up some soup in a spoon. "Thanks!" I said back. After I ate I asked him "Aren't you suppose to be at school?" He said back "Yea but I sighed out so I could be with you." We sat and watch TV together for the rest of the day.

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